Enjoy GMOs with proper labeling

Friday September 28, 2012

Last week, while driving to the supermarket, I experienced a series of sudden and overwhelming urges to eat foods with ingredients made from genetically modified organisms (GMO). You know foods with hidden ingredients that have been fundamentally changed on a molecular level but look and even taste somewhat the same. I know, GMO foods have not been adequately safety tested, and are not regulated. Maybe that's why I feel so daring when I eat them. That's OK, but what really annoys me is the fact they are not labeled. If you want to eat GMOs, then labels are essential. I feel so vulnerable walking up and down the supermarket isles with shelf after shelf of unlabeled products.

Most of the products contain nutrition, allergy or whatever information on their labels but it's extremely rare to find "contains GMO ingredients" prom inently displayed. Forty-nine na tions of the world have mandatory labeling of GMO foods. Why not the USA?

If I were a food manufacturer in the USA I would proudly label the GMO ingredients I use in the products I create. Some hippie types may want labels because they want freedom of choice or worry about unimportant constitutional concepts like their right to know what's in their food. But for me, I just want to satisfy my GMO food cravings.

What this country needs is clearly labeled GMO foods and I don't mean small font labels. I mean labels that are large enough so baby boomers can read them. Clearly labeled products would certainly reduce the time I spend shopping. We need GMO labels.

If you want to know more about GMO food labeling go to carighttoknow.org.




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