Exotic lizard believed stolen from pet store in Lanesborough


LANESBOROUGH -- An exotic lizard valued at $170 has been stolen from its cage at a pet store, according to the store's owner.

The reptile, a male orange-eyed crocodile skink, was taken either late Tuesday or early Wednesday, said Tony Cormier, owner of Exotic Pet World on South Main Street.

Alicia Cormier, the co-owner, noticed the lizard -- one of two kept at the store -- was missing from its cage as she was cleaning and doing pet inventory, Cormier said.

"They're in a sliding cage that locks closed," he said, "and these guys are very docile, slow-moving lizards. It's not like he could slip by us."

"I didn't have a padlock on [the cage]," Cormier added. "That's the problem."

Skinks can grow as big as 10 inches, are captive-raised and becoming more popular as pets, Cormier said.

They like a cool, moist environment, he said, and they eat insects such as crickets and worms.

"If they couldn't afford the lizard," he said, "then I hope they at least can afford to take proper care of him."

Now, the owners are looking into installing security cameras at the store, something they hadn't thought necessary before.

"You like to think the best of people," Cormier said.

He hasn't contacted the authorities and has no plans to do so, because he doesn't "have any proof of who did it," although he said he does "have a couple of ideas."

Anyone with information on the missing lizard is asked to call Tony Cormier at (518) 764-8405.

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