Experience is a Markey plus

Saturday June 22, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

If you go online to onthe
issues.org/markey.htm you will find all the answers on how Ed Markey has voted. I don’t know where one writer found his information regarding homeland security but it was misleading at the least.

Mr. Markey has been called a "career politician’’ and why not? He’s been re-elected many times by his constituents because he does an excellent job. I see a career politician as someone wearing a badge of honor. No one is re-elected over and over again unless he is doing a good job.

To me, Mr. Gomez is Scott Brown-lite. He comes off as being sincere but his answers to questions change with each situation.

I plan to vote for Ed Markey for senator and hope you will, too.




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