Explore possible Islamic motivation

Friday May 10, 2013

In a lengthy article from the Associated Press May 5, the heinous crime in Boston is reviewed in detail. The surveillance of the widow of the older brother, Kate Russell, by the FBI is covered but the words "Islam" or "mosque" do not appear anywhere in this summation style article.

On the op-ed page of the same issue, your esteemed columnist, Milton Bass, has the courage to quote the younger brother as saying "We did an Islamic act to balance out what the USA has done in Iraq and Afghanistan." Most other quotations in the Bass article are from the parents, assuring the world that their two boys could not do such a crime.

My questions to our government investigators and our media reporters are: Have you questioned the other members of the American and Russian mosques that the Tsarnaev brothers attended? Have you listened to sermons of the imams of these mosques? The answers to these two questions may shed some light on whether or not there was an extreme Islamic religious motivation to this horrific crime.




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