Face the Facts USA #73: More than ever, we're a matriculation nation


Face the Facts USA is presenting an issue-based theme in the days leading up to the 2012 presidential eleciton. Here's today's latest ...

Fact #73: College enrollment and graduation rates are both up despite rising costs, with Hispanics and blacks showing the largest gains.

Enrollment has increased 37.3 percent since 2000. College Hispanics have increased 87.5 percent; black students, 75.6 percent; Asians, 24.5 percent; and whites, 21.6 percent.

Whites still comprise the majority of college students, at 60.5 percent.

Women in college now substantially outnumber men; in 2010 there were 11.9 women enrollees and 9 million males. Students also grew more likely in the past decade to complete their studies; graduation rates have increased 32.6 percent since 2000, and more than 57 percent of 2010 graduates were female.


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