Facebook Year in Review: What's trending in 2013


What was on your mind in 2013? Well, according to Facebook, Pope Francis, Miley Cyrus, the royal baby and your relationship status -- the changing of that status, that is.

On Monday, the social network released the topics, people in the news and life events that had you updating your status throughout the year.

"Conversations happening all over Facebook offer a unique snapshot of the world, and this year was no different," wrote Robert D'Onofrio, Facebook data editor, in a statement released by the company. "Every day, people post about the topics and milestones that are important to them -- everything from announcing an engagement, to discussing breaking news, or even celebrating a favorite athlete or sports team."

The social media giant -- online life record of choice for some 1.2 billion people around the world -- looked at which life events and places generated the most posts and check-ins to determine its Year in Review list. Posts were studied for specific topics and then these topics were ranked based on the overall number of mentions, according to a statement released by Facebook on Monday.

For personal life events, adding a relationship, got engaged or got married, traveling, moving and ending a relationship topped the list. Argentina was the most checked-in place in the world, and Pope Francis topped the list for most talked about topic while Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball at the end of the year.

Top life events:

1. Added a relationship, got engaged or got married

2. Traveled

3. Moved

4. Ended a relationship

5. First met a friend

6. Added a family member, expecting a baby or had a baby

7. Got a pet

8. Lost a loved one

9. Got a piercing

10. Quit a habit

Most talked about topics:

1. Pope Francis

2. Election (Facebook notes the word "election" appeared in many languages, not surprising given high-profile elections around the world this year.)

3. Royal Baby

4. Typhoon

5. Margaret Thatcher

6. Harlem Shake

7. Miley Cyrus

8. Boston Marathon

9. Tour de France

10. Nelson Mandela


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