Fed up with Beacon rules, rudeness


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This past Saturday evening, my friend and I went to Beacon Cinema to (try to) enjoy the 7:10 showing of "Blue Jasmine." As we and the other five people settled into our seats to watch the numerous "coming attractions" and the instruction to the use the exits in case of an emergency (I vowed to use the exits to leave in any case), my friend continued to chew the piece of gum that she had snuck into the theater. Later, she sipped from a bottle of water, flavored with a tinge of diet iced green tea, because she is ever mindful of her lovely figure.

I am sure she would have been glad to purchase a bottle of water tinged with diet iced green tea were the Beacon to sell that item. But the Beacon only sells popcorn slathered with butter, sweet candies, and sugar or aspartame beverages (plus beer and wine!). There is nothing available for people on healthy or restricted diets.

Shortly after the movie began, a young lady stopped at our aisle to inform us, speaking over the movie soundtrack to which we were listening (and disturbing our five fellow viewers), that drinking the beverage was forbidden. I urged her to go away, and she did. But 10 minutes later she reappeared, along with a young man who I surmise was meant to convey a certain show of potential force, to repeat her message. I informed the pair that the offending beverage was now internalized and could not be easily recovered for confiscation.

My friend and I are regular attendees at Tanglewood, Barrington Stage, the Colonial Theatre and many other venues that routinely permit carrying plastic bottles of water into their auditoriums. We even snack on the occasional almond at these events. And sometimes gum or breath mints. We have never had this experience at the Triplex in Great Barrington, which is owned by the same corporation.

I think Beacon Cinema patrons should be incensed by the rudeness of the staff, and obviously, the management that imposes these "rules." I urge my fellow patrons to bring along gum, mints, water or even a granola bar the next time they visit the theater and commit civilized acts of civil disobedience until the Beacon sees the light. MONTE WASCH

New Lebanon, N.Y.


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