Fed up with weather fear-mongering

Saturday August 27, 2011

Does it seem that the weather people are overly frantic about Sunday's windy, rainy day? Yes, it will be quite brisk and rainy, but it will not be much more than an annoyance. Why? Well because today, Friday, the storm is already falling apart. There is no "eye" visible, wind speeds have dropped and it has not hit land yet. Every minute it moves into cooler waters which bleed it of power.

If it hits land as a Category 1, in two hours it will be no more than a windy rainstorm. It will probably cause some power outages and some coastal flooding, but hardly the state of frantic Armageddon that the weather people seem to be salivating over.

Why are they doing this? What purpose does this fear-mongering serve? Well, if we are frantic with worry, we are less likely to pay attention to the dismantling of our government at the hands of those who hate us.

It really seems to me that the weather people are out of control. Every storm is going to be "historic." Well, yeah, it will be a part of history, but probably not that memorable. Hurricanes are a coastal event. Inland areas are rarely severely hurt. Even Gloria was mostly a non-issue here. May we please have forecasts that are based on our geography?

Within 50 miles of the coast, yes preparations are vital. Farther than that they are designed to sell stuff we would not ordinarily go out and purchase. Hurricanes are now marketing events. Disgusting.




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