Film clips: What's playing at local cinemas


Bridge of Spies (PG-13): A New York insurance lawyer and family man gets more than he bargains for when he is recruited by the CIA to go to Berlin to negotiate with the Russians for the release of downed U-2 pilot Gary Powers who has been sentenced to 10 years in Soviet prison in exchange for captured Russian agent Rudolf Abel. Director Steven Spielberg continues to defy our skeptical movie expectations with his unexpected details and choices. He has a point of view, he has a plan, and he remains in a class of his own in his ability to both execute those ambitions and entertain in the process. With Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Alan Alda, Amy Ryan. (Bahr, The Associated Press — Oct. 19). 2 hours 22 minutes. BC / BM / NAM / TC

Burnt (R): A former top American chef in Paris whose career fell apart because of alcohol gets a second chance at earning a third Michelin star when his former maitre d' hires him as head chef for his London restaurant. Hampered by a thoroughly unlikable character (the best thing Bradley Cooper has going for him in the leading role are his bright blue eyes), narrative loose ends, clunky explanatory dialogue and a love interest (Sienna Miller) who behaves as no real woman would. (Cohen, The Associated Press — Oct. 31). 1 hour 40 minutes. BC / BM

Experimenter (PG-13): Drama based on an actual series of radical behavior experiments conducted in 1961 by social psychologist Steven Milgrim that tested the willingness of ordinary people to obey authority. With Taryn Manning, Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard, Lori Singer, Anton Yelchin. IC

Goosebumps (PG): When a teen accidentally unleashes the beasts from R.L. Stine's popular books, he teams up with Stine and Stine's lovely teenage daughter to get them back. The good intentions and faithfulness to the spirit of the author comes at the expense of some important filmmaking things, such as pacing and character development. With Dylan Minnetta, Odeya Rush, Jack Black. (Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle — Oct. 19). 1 hour 42 minutes. BM / NAM

He Named Me Malala (PG-13): Documentary about teenage Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzi, who was nearly killed by the Taliban after speaking out on behalf of girls' education in her country. Deft, affecting and powerful. (Farber, Hollywood Reporter — Oct. 9). 1 hour 28 minutes. NAM

Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG): With business at his hotel humming, Dracula turns his attention to his half-human grandson and enlists the aid of his friends to help his grandson realize the potential of his vampire genes. Some notable upgrades have been made to the original. As a result, the cast and returning director Genndy Tartakovsky have more to sink their teeth into, with pleasing results. (Rechtshaffren, The Hollywood Reporter — Sept. 26). 1 hour 29 minutes. BM / NAM

Love the Coopers (PG-13): Four generations of a family gather for Christmas and the results are anything but calm. With Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, Amanda Seyfried, Ed Helms, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Mackie. BC / BM

Our Brand is Crisis (R): Two bitterly rival American political consultants go to work for opposing candidates in Bolivia's presidential race. Undeniably entertaining, the film also is a conundrum, At times, it seems like a funny and penetrating political satire. At others, it's trying to be a much weightier morality tale. It all rests on Sandra Bullock as a damaged, ruthless political consultant. She is fun to watch. her brand is Bullock and it works pretty well. With Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie. • (Noveck, The Associated Press — Oct. 31). 1 hour 47 minutes. BC / BM

Rosenwald: Documentary about how Chicago philanthropist Julius Rosenwald, son of an immigrant peddler who became head of Sears, partnered with Booker T. Washington to build over 5,000 schools in Southern African-American communities in the early 1900s and then continued his philanthropy by building YMCAs and housing for African-Americans and working with such artists as Marian Anderson, Woody Guthrie, Langston Hughes, Gordon Parks and Jacob Lawrence, among others. LC

Spectre (PG-13): On a mission to find the daughter of an old nemesis, James Bond penetrates the center of SPECTRE and discovers a chilling connection between himself and its leader. Handsome and riveting as it often is, this newest, globetrotting installment in the 007 series opens with a doozy of a sequence during a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City and never again reaches such heights. • With Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes, Monica Bellucci, Naome Harris. • (Coyle, The Associated Press — Nov. 7). 2 hours 28 minutes. BC / BM / CT / NAM / TC

The Martian (PG-13): Presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his peers, an American astronaut uses his wits to survive on Mars while NASA and the members of his team plot a daring rescue. Director Ridley Scott has crafted an exciting, hopeful story about humanity at its best. With Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristin Wiig, Chiwetel Ejiofor. • (Cohen, The Associated Press — Oct. 3). 2 hours 21 minutes. BC / BM / NAM / TC

The Peanuts Movie (G): The gang's all here doing what comes naturally in this charmer of a big-screen debut as Charlie Brown tries to deal with his feelings for The Little Red-Headed Girl and Snoopy takes on the Red Baron and tries to win the heart of Fifi, a beautiful young pilot. The Peanuts gang stays true to their original selves and the sweetness is satisfyingly old-fashioned. (Cohen, The Associated Press — Nov. 9). 1 hour 32 minutes. BC / BM / NAM

The 33 (PG-13): Members of a rescue crew work tirelessly for 69 days to rescue 33 Chilean miners trapped under 2,000 feet of rock in a gold and copper mine. Based on a true story. Review this page. BM


The theaters at which the movies listed in Film Clips are playing are:

BC: Beacon Cinema (Pittsfield)

BM: Berkshire Mall Cinema 10 (Lanesborough)

CT: Crandell Theatre (Chatham, N.Y.)

IC: Images Cinema (Williamstown)

LC: Little Cinema (Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield)

NAM: North Adams Movieplex 8

TC: Triplex Cinema (Great Barrington)


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