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LENOX -- On a picture-perfect Berkshire afternoon, the graduates of Lenox Memorial Middle and High School shared their final moments together at a one-hour Tanglewood ceremony marked by effusive tributes to their schoolmates, teachers and a supportive community.

On a poignant note, retiring Superintendent Edward W. Costa II hailed the Class of 2014 as "very unique" because of its humor and team spirit.

"The one thing that set them apart from all the other classes was their willingness to help, to be part of something bigger than themselves," he declared. His voice cracking with emotion, Costa said, "You are my 37th graduation, you are my last and you are my best."

In a speech rife with literary allusions from Dr. Seuss to Tolkien and Dostoevsky, valedictorian Delaney Moran traced the history of her class, beginning with "tangle-haired, jam-stained, grassy-kneed, headstrong" kindergartners. "What I have taken away from my years at school have been memories I will never forget and friendships I will cherish my entire life."

Noting her arrival during 10th grade, salutatorian Sarah Morley, previously home-schooled, praised teachers for their passion and caring about students' success.

"You don't have to be the best at something to make it worth doing," she asserted. Citing how her classmates offered "the small things that make life so meaningful," Morley recalled how "you welcomed me in -- a latecomer -- with open arms. ... I hope you all continue to do the things that make others feel so welcomed."

In a personal reflection, Jacob Edelman, a school-choice student from Monterey, praised the "extraordinarily special combination of cohesiveness and inclusiveness that forms our community. Our greatest success is the unquestioning loyalty that we hold for each other, regardless of where someone comes from or how a person thinks or acts."

After describing the teachers as "the kindest, most genuinely caring, overqualified, under-appreciated and underpaid members of the Lenox community," school-choice graduate William Palmer voiced appreciation for the "healthy political discourse" offered by critics.

He described the choice option as "more than just money and politics. Our grade has become a collective entity with diverse opinions and backgrounds we wouldn't be the amazing class that we are without all of these students. I love that within such a small school and class we are able to have so many different interests accounted for and supported."

Of the 68 graduates -- 100 percent of the class -- 61 will be attending college, one is joining the military, another plans to attend vocational school, and four are either joining the work force or are undecided. The seniors are sharing $831,000 in scholarships, including $716,000 from the colleges they chose to attend.

In her reflection, Raiche Wright exhorted her classmates, "Be discontent and always strive to create, never let your important ideas fade, because in all actuality it's what makes this world an imperfectly perfect place."

Josie Marshall offered an unexpected take on the reason that as a united class, the graduates valued their education so highly -- "We are not afraid to be kids. ... I encourage my classmates to please hold on to this youthful willingness to experiment. Apply for a job that's far from your intended field, take a strange class in college, travel. Pursue something new just because it gives you that giddy, childlike excitement."

After the graduates filed out of the Shed to the "March of the Majestics," they lingered with family and friends on the lawn, taking photos and exchanging hugs and high-fives, savoring the moment, reluctant to part with the exuberance of the memorable day's pomp and circumstance.

Lenox High School Class of 2014

Alexandra Adams, Devin Alden, Brandon Baczek, Elizabeth Barry, Nicole Belair, Margaret Farley Bouvier, Shelby Boyer, Lauren Carey, Geoffrey Carter, Olga Carty, Autumn Ciepiela-Werth, Olivia Ciolfi, Hollie Downer, Jacob Edelman, Stephanie Fasano, Bailey Fielding, Adina Friedman.

Elena Giordona, Lydia Graham, Webb Hahn, Harrison Hale, Shelby Hall, Hannah Hunter, Emma Jackson, Nicholas Jarck, Jake Jourdain, Daley Keator, Brooke Levesque, Rachana Lingutla, Eric Lomaglio, Benjamin MacDonald, Cameron Marcantel, Josephine Marshall, Hannah McClusky.

Annie McKenna, Monique Mielke, Janelle Miller, Elizabeth Mitts, Joseph Molk, Katelyn Monteleone, Delaney Moran, Sarah Morley, Theodore Nappo, Lily Nejaime, Linnea Nugent, Sean O'Brien, Melvin Olaverria, William Palmer, Vincent Patella, Casey Potts, Benjamin Ramondetta.

Kristin Read, Lydia Rogers, Nicole Rose, Cameron Sibley, Sophie Silverstein, Emily Sorrentino, Nicholas Stevens, Amanda Strassler, Joshua Tagole, Robyn Thiel, Lachlan Tobiason, Taylor Tranfaglia, Kristopher Vahle, Carly Wheeler, Caroline Wilkerson, Suzanne Woller, Cavanaugh Wolski, Raiche Wright.

Lenox High School Awards & Scholarships

Valedictorian: Delaney Moran.

Salutatorian: Sarah Morley.

Summa Cum Laude Awards: Elizabeth Barry, Nicole Belair, Margaret Bouvier, Shelby Boyer, Lauren Carey, Olivia Ciolfi, Hollie Downer, Jacob Edelman, Bailey Fielding, Lydia Graham, Harrison Hale, Nicholas Jarck, Jake Jourdain, Daley Keator, Rachana Lingutla, Eric Lomaglio, Josephine Marshall, Annie McKenna, Janelle Miller, Elizabeth Mitts, Katelyn Monteleone, Delanie Moran, Sarah Morley, Lily Nejaime, Linnea Nugent, Sean O'Brien, William Palmer, Benjamin Ramondetta, Kristen Read, Sophie Silverstein, Amanda Strassler, Robyn Thiel, Lachlan Tobiason, Taylor Tranfaglia, Kristopher Vahle, Caroline Wilkerson, Suzanne Woller, Cavanaugh Wolski.

Allen R. & Lois H. Sykes Scholarship: Cameron Sibley.

American Red Cross: Shelby Hall, Nicholas Jarck, Rachana Lingutla, Amanda Strassler.

Austen Riggs/Erikson Institute Scholarship: Robyn Thiel.

Coach Joseph Michaelski Award: Kristopher Vahle.

Custodian's Appreciation Grant: Devin Alden, Webb Hann, Cameron Marcantel, Hannah McClusky, Lydia Rogers, Carly Wheeler.

Dennis & Annemarie Duffin Arts Scholarships: Taylor Tranfaglia.

Eugene J. Mackey Jr. Book Awards: Katelyn Monteleone, William Palmer.

Evening Star Lodge of Masons Scholarship: Janelle Miller.

Gail Gernat Assistant Principal's Scholarship: Hollie Downer, Sean O'Brien.

Girls' Incorporated of the Berkshires Awards the Zonta Club of Berkshire County Scholarship: Taylor Tranfaglia.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Caroline Wilkerson.

Hillcrest Educational Scholarship: Nicole Belair, Sarah Morley, Emily Sorrentino.

The Honorable Judge James P. Dohoney Scholarship: William Palmer, Caroline Wilkerson.

James Hurley Scholarship: Lauren Carey, Caroline Wilkerson.

Jeanette B. Nielsen Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Edelman.

John D. Barrett Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Ciolfi.

Judy Peters Memorial Scholarship: Hollie Downer.

Lenox Ambulance Squad Scholarship: Olga Carty.

Lenox Community Center Jane P. Layton Leader's Club Scholarships: Lydia Graham, Emily Sorrentino.

Lenox Education Association Scholarship: Sarah Morley.

Lenox Fire Company Oscar Hutchinson Memorial Scholarships: Alexandra Adams, Hollie Downer, Daley Keator, Lily Nejaime, Sean O'Brien, Cameron Sibley, Taylor Tranfaglia.

Lenox General Fund Scholarships: Elizabeth Barry, Nicole Belair, Lauren Carey, Olga Carty, Autumn Ciepela-Werth, Hollie Downer, Bailey Fielding, Adina Friedman, Lydia Graham, Harrison Hale, Emma Jackson, Daley Keator, Eric Lomaglio, Annie McKenna, Elizabeth Mitts, Katelyn Monteleone, Delaney Moran, Sarah Morley, Lily Nejaime, Sean O'Brien, Kristin Read, Cameron Sibley, Sophie Silverstein, Emily Sorrentino, Taylor Tranfaglia, Kristopher Vahle, Caroline Wilkerson, Suzanne Woller.

Post Graduates Lenox Scholarships: Jennifer Delasco, Lindsey Moran, Katherine Navarino, Robert Navarino, Samantha Patella, Julia Pringle-Wallace, Alyssa Sorrentino, Andrew Vickery, Hayden Zinchuk.

Lenox Memorial Baseball Booster Club: Jake Jourdain, Casey Potts, Benjamin Ramondetta, Cameron Sibley.

Lenox Memorial Basketball Booster Club: Hollie Downer, Bailey Fielding, Eric Lomaglio, Elizabeth Mitts, Cameron Sibley, Kristopher Vahle.

Lenox Memorial Cross Country Running Booster Club Scholarships: Olivia Ciolfi, Hollie Downer, Eric Lomaglio, Lily Nejaime, Caroline Wilkerson.

Lenox Memorial Nordic Ski Team Booster Club Scholarships: Elizabeth Barry, Margaret Bouvier, Shelby Boyer, Olivia Ciolfi, Lydia Graham, Harrison Hale, Jake Jourdain, Daley Keator, Josephine Marshall, Joseph Molk, Lily Nejaime, Sophie Silverstein, Caroline Wilkerson.

Lenox Memorial Soccer Booster Club Scholarships: Margaret Bouvier, Lydia Graham, Jake Jourdain, Josephine Marshall, Joseph Molk, Benjamin Ramondetta, Cavanaugh Wolski.

LMMHS Wellness Scholarship: Janelle Miller, Lachlan Tobiason.

Lenox Police Association Anthony Williamn "Buffy" Romeo: Taylor Tranfaglia.

Lenox Police Association Anthony J. Salvatore Sr. Award: Hollie Downer.

Lenox Police Association David Lane Scholarship: Olga Carty.

Lenox Police Association Donald Maguire Award: Daley Keator.

Lenox Police Association James Sorrentino: Cameron Sibley.

Lenox Police Association John "Bert" O'Brien Award: Lily Nejaime.

Lenox Police Association Richard E. O'Brien: Sean O'Brien.

Lenox Police Association Mary Martha Sorrentino Award: Emily Sorrentino.

Lenox Youth Basketball Scholarship: Hollie Downer, Bailey Fielding, Eric Lomaglio, Elizabeth Mitts, Cameron Sibley, Kristopher Vahle.

Mable Cornman/Esther Cornman Samuels Scholarship: Hollie Downer.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank: Stephanie Fasano, Rachana Lingutla, Hannah Hunter, Theodore Nappo, Nicole Rose, Brooke Levesque.

Robert S. Tillotson and Marion Ferguson Tillotson Scholarship: Geoffrey Carter, Linnea Nugent, Nicholas Stevens, Raiche Wright.

St. Ann's Parish Scholarships: Elizabeth Barry, Delaney Moran, Sarah Morley, Kristin Read, Cameron Sibley.

Town of Becket: Jake Jourdain, Cavanaugh Wolski.

Town of Richmond George Kinglsey Scholarship: Monique Mielke.

Tri Town Rotary Scholarship: Delaney Moran.

VFW Post 12079 Award: Elizabeth Mitts.

VFW Post 12079 Academic Award: Delaney Moran.


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