Find the will to address gun sickness


All of us have been traumatized by the massacre in Connecticut. Do we as a country have the will to do something about the never-ending mass shootings.

As a nation, we usually act when we see a serious problem confronting us. However, in this case an organization , the NRA, has prevented any effective action by intimidating our legislators. This organization with its fanatical lead spokesman Wayne LaPierre is even now telling congressmen and senators to wait do nothing, commiserate with the victims, and may even think that if 5- to 10- year-old children packed heat they could have stopped the killer.

We have been led to believe that the current Supreme Court's rulings on the 2nd Amendment are the final word. Many would be surprised to know that in the 1930s to ‘50s the courts interpretation was different and did not recognize an unrestricted ownership of guns. Carry laws were very strict and packing heat was the almost exclusive privilege of law officers.

No one is suggesting that hunters or recreational pistol shooters be disarmed but civilians carrying concealed weapons, automatic rifles, high capacity clips and thorough background checks at both gun stores and gun fairs should be the sensible law of the land.

I was struck by an article in The Eagle on the same page as the Connecticut massacre telling of a man in China wounding many children in school with a knife not killing with a gun. With tougher laws many deaths can be prevented.


New Ashford


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