Fiscal cliff didn't concern D.C.

Friday January 4, 2013

With all the talk and debate about going over the fiscal cliff, and how it stood to affect almost every citizen in so many ways, you would hope that solving that matter would be first and foremost on the minds of the elected cast of idiots that we send to Washington to represent us and take care of the country. To drag things out as long as they did is inexcusable, and I hope that people will remember what they did, and continue to, when these Bozos come up for re-election.

Here’s an interesting fact that seemed to slip by without much notice. With all that was going on, despite all the anguish and worry, our apologizer in chief, good old spend-a -buck Barack, approved and signed into law the automatic pay raises for Congress and the Senate. No worries on their part. Cliff, what cliff? Kind of makes you wonder what they were really thinking about while all that played out.




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