Flower shop surrounded by eyesores

Tuesday October 2, 2012

In response to the editorial "End uncertainty for Berkshire Flower" in the Saturday, Sept. 29, Eagle, Ms. Brown has been in that location for some time now, since 1987, and should be able to continue there. Rustic, quaint and a very nice flower shop - a touch of New England.

However, a sentence in the editorial did amuse me: "The rustic appearance of the flower shop is seen by some to be an eyesore." This is Route 7/20, South Street, Pittsfield-Lenox Road, or whatever you choose to call it we're talking about! The whole section is an eyesore or aren't the people that are complaining seeing what everyone who enters Pittsfield sees? The entrance to the city - a mishmash of motels, car dealers, gas stations, and don't forget the little goodies shop near the gas station. It has been suggested that Ms. Brown spruce up her " eyesore. Perhaps that should extend to all of the businesses down that strip.

As for eyesores, surely we could include that white elephant on the top of the hill that was opened and closed in a blink of the eye. And the strip mall that now has several empty buildings. Several of our wonderful old New England style buildings have been demolished and hideous buildings put up in their place. Those are my definitions of eyesores.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this dilemma. Let's support Ms. Brown in her quest to stay where she has been for several years.




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