For the truth, go to FOX News

Saturday November 10, 2012

I agree with Armand De lisle’s letter to the editor of Nov. 3. The Eagle is simply a mouthpiece for the Democrat party and does not cover anything controversial that re flects badly on their candidates. When was the last time you read anything about Benghazi and the attack on the Amer ican embassy and murder of our ambassador followed by the stonewalling by our government from then until now to admit that it was a terrorist attack and not a video? Whereas, FOX News has been covering this story since the beginning. The attitude of the Eagle is if it does not report on something, it did not happen or is considered a non-news item.

The Eagle should realize that many people do watch FOX, surf the web and are informed. FOX News can be found on the Time Warner channel 1750 every evening, from 5 to 11 p. m. Try FOX, you might just like knowing what is going on in the world. You won’t get it from the Eagle or other news sources unless it suits their bias.




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