Former Gov. Swift reserving judgment on GOP presidential field

Wednesday September 7, 2011

WILLIAMSTOWN -- Former acting Gov. Jane Swift has adopted a cautious approach to the hotly contested Republican primary battle leading up to the presidential nomination next summer.

Swift remains an influential Republican on the national political stage even though she has been out of government since 2003.

While acknowledging that the Republicans "have a pretty big field now," she declined to discuss the merits of the declared GOP hopefuls.

"I'm not getting involved in the 2012 race yet," she said.

In 2001, Swift, who had been serving as lieutenant governor, became acting governor when Paul Cellucci stepped down to become ambassador to Canada. She chose not to run for the governorship in 2002, clearing the way for Mitt Romney's GOP nomination and Election Day victory. Romney is now vying for the party's presidential nomination.

In a recent interview with The Eagle, Swift added that "there are healthy debates going on in both parties, and I hope we can find some sensible solutions" to the nation's problems.


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