Former Lenox runner Carpenter wins Green Mile race again


PITTSFIELD -- Along North Street -- passing by all the kielbasas, pizza and fried dough stands of Pittsfield's Third Thursday -- 188 runners competed in the Berkshire Running Center's Green Mile.

Two-time All-Eagle cross country MVP and current Georgetown University distance runner Scott Carpenter became the first two-time winner in race's six-year history, finishing in 4 minutes, 33 seconds.

The Lenox High School graduate said it felt good to be back in the Berkshires running in an event with friends.

"It's fun to see my friends and running is always competitive," he said. "I like every aspect of it."

As the defending champion, Carpenter said he was hoping to win, while still having a good time. Having completed his first year as a Hoya, competing in the 3K and 5K events, Carpenter said he's adjusted to the rigors of being a Division I athlete.

"It's tough. It's really competitive," he said. "Every day at practice we give it our all, and it pays off. I definitely run a lot faster in college than I did in high school."

Lenox High School was also well-represented in the female race with Millionaires freshman Emma Jourdain finishing first in 5:41.

She decided to run along with friends from the track team. Jourdain said the Green Mile was a fun, relaxing run.

"I haven't been running a whole lot since track [season], but it's easy for this run because there's so much to look at," she said. "I wasn't really focusing on running, I was just looking around and my legs were moving."

Lenox also took the High School Mile trophy for having the most runners in the race. Assistant cross-country coach Laura Najimy said it's good to see her athletes putting in extra work in the summertime.

"I think this group of boys and girls are so motivated," she said. "They really enjoy what they do. They enjoy each other and I'm very excited about the upcoming season."

Lenox will be looking to improve on its last year's second-place Western Mass. finishes by both the boys and girls. If the Millionaires want to become No. 1, the work the runners put in now will be crucial.

"Summer running is the key behind a successful running season," Najimy said. "I think our kids are really on board and they understand that. ... Summer running makes the fall athlete for sure."

Kent Lemme, the race director and owner of the Berkshire Running Center, said sponsors Berkshire Bank and Freadman Steel played a big part in the production of the race. Proceeds will go to the Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park program.

He said the Green Mile is fun for everyone involved.

"It's a very doable distance for people that want to do a mile," he said. "It's really fun because it's downtown on a Third Thursday and people like to come out just for that."

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FULL RESULTS: Click here

Top Finishers


1. Scott Carpenter 4 minutes, 33 seconds; 2. Mark Rabasco 4:45; 3. Stephen Foley; 4. Matthew Rabasco 4:59; 5. Nick Curelop 5:07.

Top males

Ages 19 and under

1. Matthew Rabasco 4:59; 2. Chris Najimy 5:15. 3: Sam Darbey 5:25. 4: Ben Herrick 5:26. 5: Ryan Kohlenberger.


1. Nick Curelop 5:07; 2. James McMahon 5:11; 3. Jason Klem 5:12; 4. Kevin Carpenter 5:29; 5. Tim Allard 5:38.


1. Brock Anello 5:07; 2. Shawn Kinne 5:26; 3. Neil Myers 5:49; 4. Jeffrey Pike 5:50; 5. Nathan Barker 5:58.


1. Brian Gibbons 5:31; 2. Albert Najimy 5:35; 3. Paul Gage 5:47; 4. Daniel Potvin 5:49; 5. William Kittler 5:49.


1. Michael Spitzer 5:19; 2. Blaine Freadman 5:39; 3. Craig Wilbur 6:11; 4. Dan Radacsi 6:11; 5. David Lipinski 6:13.

Top females


1. Emma Jourdain 5:41; 2. Alice Najimy 5:43; 3. Hayley Bowers 5:43; 4. Audrey Boraski 5:49; 5. Megan Anello 5:52.

19 and under

1. Audrey Boraski 5:49; 2. Emily Tibbetts 6:12; 3. Becca Morris 6:36; 4. Carli Scolforo 6:42; 5. Lanna Knoll 6:46.


1. Megan Anello 5:52; 2. Danielle Gullian 6:52; 3. Rebecca Collins 6:59; 4. Hannah Bushway 7:00; 5. Danielle Tyer 7:04.


1. Lara Denmark 6:03; 2. Kimberly Gero 6:11; 3. Tracy Candilore 6:18; 4. Kara Mauer 6:18; 5. Nicole Shepardson 6:28.


1. Kate Sanders 5:56; 2. Terri Flynn 7:17; 3. Melissa Canata 7:18; 4. Lisa Sheldon 7:55; 5. Amy Roccabruna 7:58.


1. Tammy Charboneau 6:55; 2. Kim Baker 6:57; 3. Marcia Graham 7:49; 4. Rosemary Vinette 8:38; 5. Barbara Schmick 9:13.

60 and over

1. Cynthia Garnder 6:32; 2. Mary-Jane Sackett 10:48.


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