Foul ball assault from Deming Park

Thursday May 10, 2012

Realtors always leave out certain flaws in order to sell a house. In our case, the flaw is the number of baseballs that come flying at our house from Deming Park.

We have learned to deal with the constant noise from games and practices, the heavy traffic, and not being able to park in front of our own house, even the fear of the dog or ourselves getting hit with a baseball just walking around the backyard.

In 2008, the city put up a net that is supposed to catch foul balls before they go into the yards, hit the roof, car or break a window. On average, we have about 50 baseballs come over the net every year.

Recently I happened to look out one of our back windows to see two players in our fenced backyard retrieving baseballs that had been hit over the net while standing on the grass seed we had just put down. What or who makes the players think that they can just walk right onto our yard to collect them? Our dog is protective of our family, plus we don't want anyone to slip or get hurt in our yard, especially if we do not even know they are back there.

I am respectfully asking all the coaches and players who use that field, if baseballs come over the net, get permission before entering our yard.




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