Fox Modular Homes acts as neighbor should

Fox Modular Homes acts as neighbor should

To the editor:

Robert Frost said that "Good fences make good neighbors." Well, in our case, our "good neighbors made good fences."

On August 13, we were attending a concert at Tanglewood when a storm came along and I got a call from my children that there was a loud noise and a tree hit our roof. We left for home to find that the tree had miraculously straddled our house and there was little damage but the drain had been torn off and the fence was demolished. Our house is behind Fox Modular Homes in Lee and the tree was sitting on Fox home's land just behind our fence. It had snapped in the middle and fallen toward our house.

We called Fox the next day and it was unbelievable how fast they acted in taking care of everything! The owner himself helped in the work and replaced our drain and put up a new fence. In this busy world, and knowing how busy a company can be, we are so thankful for our great neighbors who took the time and effort to help us out with our small problem.

Julie Duprey, Lee


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