Fun Facts: Local food in the Berkshires


Planning a picnic this weekend? Want a cool pick-me-up on a hot summer day? Local farms and dessert shops in the area provide quality foods that taste good and are better for you.

Covered in chocolate or baked in a pie, you can't go wrong with adding strawberries to any dessert menu. The strawberries are ripe for the picking around the first day of summer and remain in season until mid-July. There are about 103 different species of strawberry plants grown in the United States. Any red strawberry is ripe for the picking, because strawberries grow to full size before turning red. Pick up a box from a local farm or spend an afternoon picking in the fields.

Ioka Valley Farm

3475 Route 43, Hancock

(413) 738-5915

Taft Farms

Route 183 & Division Street,

Great Barrington


Mountain View Farms

90 Old Cheshire Road,



Strawberry Acres Farms

370 Pittsfield Road, Hinsdale

(413) 655 2672

Yogurt first came to the United States in early 1900s, but frozen yogurt was not introduced until 1970. Frozen yogurt, similar to ice cream, is a healthier, low-fat icy treat that uses milk instead of cream. This dessert, also known as froyo or frogurt, was not a major success in the 1980s. Consumers did not like its tart flavor and instead stuck with ice cream. Since then, companies modified the recipe to have a sweeter taste. Check out these places that specialize in froyo dessert:

Berkshire Frozen Yogurt

17 Franklin St., Lenox

(413) 637-1800


505 East St., Pittsfield

(413) 344-4126

As you fire up the grill this summer, take a moment to consider where your barbecue meat comes from. Purchasing locally grown meat and dairy products are not only a healthier and tastier option, but it benefits business for local farmers.

Animals that are raised on locally owned farms (as opposed to industrial slaughterhouses) are raised naturally and humanely. The animals are raised in the pastures and are not fed hormones or antibiotics.

Leahey Farm

Run by Jen and Phil Leahey

37 Reservoir Road, Lee

(413) 446-2004

East Mountain Farm

Run by Kim Wells

582 Henderson Road, Williamstown

(413) 458-8085

Cricket Creek Farm

Run by Jude Sabot and family.

1255 Oblong Road

Williamstown, MA 01267

(413) 458-5888

Elmartin Farm

Dodi and Everett Lawrence Martin Jr.

594 Windsor Road

Cheshire, MA 01225

(413) 743.9154


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