GB surcharge may cause backlash

Saturday September 15, 2012

At the last town meeting in Great Barrington, voters passed a 3 percent property tax surcharge to be used for land and historical preservation in town. This will become law if it is also approved on a ballot question in the November general election. I ask, why would taxpayers vote for this?

* You already donate to land and historic preservation projects but don’t give enough already.

* You know you should have supported land and historical preservation projects but always forgot.

* You would have donated to these causes but no one you know does, so why should you?

* You already give money to these types of projects but your cheap neighbors don’t. This is a perfect opportunity to make your neighbors pay, too. It is only fair.

* You have plenty of money, so why not? Hey, if others don’t have enough let them move to some other place.

* I won’t have to waste time and postage to donate anymore. The government can do it for me.

I have no idea if this surcharge will pass. What I do know is if it does pass I will no longer be donating to these non-essential causes.


Great Barrington


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