GIC state health care plan is broken

Wednesday October 10, 2012

I’m a pretty ordinary person. A retired educator, principal, wife, mother, and grandmother. However, I have to go to extraordinary measures sometimes to live because I have in herited polycystic kidney disease. Polycystic kidney disease is not a rare disease and affects over 600,000 Americans.

One of my medicines, Sensi par, is very costly, about $16,800 per year. My new drug in surance program, CVS Care mark with the Unicare State Indemnity Plan, with the Commonwealth of Massa chu setts Group Insurance Com mis sion, refuses to pay for my drug because I am not on dialysis now.

I had a successful kidney transplant in 2006. My Massa chusetts teachers’ plan does not allow for appeals. All requests are rubber stamped no. How insensitive to individual needs. Ridiculous! How ever, my parathyroid levels, as documented by blood tests, continue to rise.

Without Sensipar, I will need a parathyroid operation which involves a hospital stay. In the end, Medicare will have to pay for the operation which will be costly. Isn’t this beyond crazy? The drug is too expensive for me to purchase on our fixed income, and I have called Amgen, Safety Net, CVS Caremark and tried to locate the drug out of the country. It’s too darn expensive!

Our Commonwealth of Mas sa chusetts Group Insurance Com mission Unicare State Indemnity Plan with CVS Care mark as a provider is broken. Why do ordinary people have to struggle to survive because the medical giants refuse proper care for its plan members?

Shame on Amgen, GIC/ Uni care, and especially CVS Care mark, for failing its members.




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