Give Hinsdale a recall option


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

To enact a recall law is to afford your town the ability to keep its elected officials in check and keep them working for the people, not their own agendas. You cannot recall anyone for personal reasons. You recall them for lack of fitness, incompetence, neglect of duties, malfeasance or violation of oath.

All citizens should want to have such an option available to them to protect themselves and their town’s future. It is your obligation and your duty as a citizen to be involved and informed about the goings on within your town government.

We also wish to dispute the misrepresentation that has been going around about the recall law. We strongly oppose the insinuation that the law will "negate the electorate." It is impossible for a law that contains provisions for an election, to invalidate the election process.

The warrant for the Special Town Meeting for Hinsdale has been posted with the wording for the recall law in its entirety. We urge you to go Town Hall and read the wording of the proposed law for yourself. Don’t base your decision on the hearsay of others. Be an educated voter.

The recall law is simply a way for the people to be able to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions and can only be a good thing for Hinsdale. Please join us at the Kittredge School Wednesday at 7 p.m. and vote for the recall law based on the valid merits of the law. Let’s make Hinsdale a town in which we can be proud of once again.





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