Give thanks for diligent storm crews

Thursday November 1, 2012

When you’re on your way to work, or to get your coffee, or wherever you are headed first thing in the morning after a storm, do you believe that the trees that were down across the roads last night got up and walked away? Do you envision power lines coming alive and hanging themselves back up on poles, so that your path may be cleared? Instead of cursing the highway department crews, WMECO workers and Time Warner Cable technicians who are "making you late," take a second to realize that these people have been out in the horrendous weather working all night so that you and your family can have electricity, cable, Internet, phone and clear roads for your morning commute.

Winter hasn’t even started yet. Next time Mother Nature pitches us a curve ball, use some common sense. Give yourself a little extra time in case there are maintenance crews working in the road. Rather than getting aggravated and calling them names, remember that they’ve been out there all night, cold, wet, hungry and exhausted, sometimes days at a time, working to make your journey safer.

Pay it forward. Buy a box of joe, some donuts, maybe a pizza, for them. A little gesture of thanks goes a long way in an all too often thankless job.




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