Glorified violence weakens society

Friday December 28, 2012

Watching a movie a few weeks back with my wife while the baby played on the floor with her toys I had a sudden onslaught of dread induced by the content of the movie. I told my wife that the movie really bothered me and she replied "I would be concerned if it didn’t bother you." It made me re-evaluate all that I have been exposed to in film, the media and video games over the last two decade of my life.

One common denominator is the abuse and exploitation of women and children compounded with justifiable revenge/mercy killing and dramatized military type shoot-outs with other bad guys or law enforcement. It doesn’t stop there. If they can’t get you with the latest movie or video game they get you with sensational news coverage of the latest horrific human atrocity. Whether intentional or not they know what sells papers or encourages viewers to tune in.

So now we have the anti-gun lobby banging heads with pro-gun lobby in an effort to curve violence by banning assault weapons on a federal level when according to statistical data analyzed by professionals in their respected fields murder is actually less of an occurrence now than it has been in any other point in history. One thing is for sure -- we need to pay attention to the glorified violence our children are exposed to especially when it’s violence on women and children. We need a better mental health system and widely available help for those who need it without making them feel shameful or inferior.

I also believe that firearms ownership is a basic fundamental right for a free society. The more we take away power from the people to defend themselves and others around them the closer we are to an imprisoned society with checkpoints everywhere like the TSA has established in all our airports. I am for concealed carry especially by women. I am for firearms safety, training and education and I am for putting an armed person in our schools whether it is by a voluntary choice by qualified faculty members or a paid police officer or both.

Guns aren’t going away anytime soon so people can choose to fear them or become educated on them like any other tool and implement their use where necessary. They are good enough to protect our president and to protect his children while they’re at school and I doubt that would change even in the event of an all-out disarmament of American citizens, and that’s the scary part.




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