GOP obviously has much to hide

Saturday September 1, 2012

It’s appalling what was not seen at the GOP convention.

George W. Bush, the last Republican president, was kept away so as not to remind the country of how his policies brought us to economic demise, and into two costly wars. Ron Paul was also kept away because of his critical stance towards Romney, indicating the party has no room for independent thinkers, just ideologues.

And Romney’s handlers have carefully kept any mention of Bain Capital, as well as his tax returns far away from public scrutiny. They feel that if the facts get out they can be used as ammunition by Democrats, so better to keep the voters as much as possible in the dark about his background.

As far as his intentions are concerned if he becomes president, we are left to guess which of the "needless’’ government programs and departments will be trimmed down or cut. Will Social Security and Medicare be privatized four years after the market tanked? Will the Department of Education be eliminated as discussed, and will public education be replaced with for-profit charter schools, leaving the middle class with inferior services at a time when our country is losing its competitive edge?

What do we know about who Romney is and what he will do as president? The GOP is playing a non-transparent and disinformation game at our expense.




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