GOP threatens American dream

Friday September 14, 2012

Back in the day when I was growing up in Adams, I lost my Dad to double pneumonia before the days of antibiotics. I was 5 years old, and my Mom was already an invalid as a result of being bitten by a mosquito carrying equine encephalitis in her teens during an epidemic in West Springfield, where she grew up. This is why my paternal grandfather was appointed to be my guardian.

He was a life-long Repub lican. Even though he held an important position at Hunter Machine in North Adams, no pensions were given -- only a gold watch. Due to many family illnesses, most of his money went to pay doctor’s bills. He was able to put aside very little toward his retirement, and as a result the only income he received was the small amount he was paid for acting as my guardian. Luckily my great aunt Maggie had willed me a duplex in Adams so we both had a roof over our heads.

My grandpa kept up his spirits in the hope that someone in the federal government would succeed in starting up some type of retirement security plan. He died many years before our Democratic president, Franklin Delano Roose velt, enacted the present Social Security law.

Now that most lower and middle income people are living a more secure lifestyle, along come the Republicans with a presidential candidate who plans to cut back on all of these "entitlements." Mitt Romney also firmly believes that he and other wealthy individuals who have "worked hard" and have become successful have the right to keep all of their money and not pay their fair share of income taxes.

The most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, got us into two wars where we had no business being. I doubt if he ever took Economics 101. His bright idea to finance these conflicts was to give more tax breaks to the rich and borrow money from the Chinese.

Now the Republicans are blaming President Obama for our huge deficits. They also blame him for our high unemployment rate, even though it was some of them who outsourced our jobs to where labor was cheaper and profits higher. Great Americans!

By bailing out the auto in dustry, Obama saved thousand of jobs. Our recession could have become a depression. Republicans state that this was a bad idea. Congres sional Republicans balked at every good idea that Obama proposed. The idea was to get him out of office at any cost.

If President Obama is not re-elected, it could be the end of the American dream.




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