Gov. revealed as out of touch

Tuesday February 12, 2013

After reading the executive order signed by Deval Patrick banning all travel statewide, I am left wondering, yet again, why we haven chosen him to be the governor of our state. The ban on travel is just one example of how out of touch with the taxpayers he really is.

At 10 p.m. on Friday night, we had only gotten a couple of inches of snow here in Pittsfield, something anyone who has lived in the Berkshires has experienced. Urging people to use common sense would have done the same thing, and angered a lot less people than declaring martial law on an entire state, especially when weather conditions vary wildly between the eastern and western parts of the state.

I hope that this incident, wakes up the citizens of Massachusetts and remembers that the governor is a civil servant, and not a dictator.




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