Great Barrington: Monument Valley Middle School honor roll


GREAT BARRINGTON >> Monument Valley Regional Middle School announces its honor roll for the second quarter of the 2015-2016 school year.

Ninety-five students achieved the rank of high honors or honors. This is 46 percent of students enrolled in grades 7 and 8.

In order to achieve the rank of high honors, a student must have an average of 90 in his/her subjects with no mark below 85. To achieve honors, a student must have an average of 85 in his/her subjects with no mark below 80.

Students must pass all subjects including music and physical education to make honor roll. Exploratory arts count towards honor roll.

High Honors

Grade 8: Adam Boscarino, John Broderick IV, Gabriel Davis-Hollander, Katilyn Decker, Elsie Dilisio, Phaedra Duhon, Molly Flynn, Sebastien Franck, Andrew Gillman, Madison Gilmore, Daniel Greene, Cora Hanlin, Miranda Hastings, Noah Helmke, Alyssa Kend, Greta Luf, Nicholas Lussier, Olivia Raifstanger, Citlalli Rosasdavila, Ryan Schaeffer, Claire Sheridan, Rosemary Snyder, Olivia Thiemann, Luna Thomes, Nicholas Viggiano, Andrew Weston, Patrick Yeung.

Grade 7: John Arias, Jackson Blanchard, Stephanie Celis, Maggie D'Aniello, Dylan DeCelle, Emily Delgado, Emily Erickson, Lucien Firth, Myles Gennari, Emily Goudey, Payre Hartcorn, Sam Jaffe, Meghan Kinne, Jessica Kopiec, Laszlo Koval, Keegan Leach, Sydney Mack, Karina Mahida, Liam O'Gara, Sophia Pasia, Rebecca Robertson, Benjamin Ryel, Samuel Schroeder, Stephen Smith, Antonia Taylor, Michael Walsh, Ashley Wellenkamp, Abigail Zeik.


Grade 8: Hailey Andersen, Riley Bailey, Sadie Cotler, Jacob Dupont, Adrienne Franck, James Hallock, Winter Hardcastle, Fiona Horan, Juliet Keefe, Hannah Martsen, Isabella McNair, Charles Medeiros, Gracie O'Brien, Aiden Payer, Nathan Reynolds, Geovana Rezende, Nicholas Robbins, Benjamin Shultis, Ryan Sullivan, Gabriella Thierling.

Grade 7: Joseph Beardsley, Marlena Benson, Gianna Bertelli, Kamila Forfa, Zoe Francisco, Dean Fredo-Argiro, Justin Hawkins, Ty Higgins, Nickolas Huertas, Phoebe Kalamaja, Jordyn Louison, Sage Macken, Madeline Mason, Hannah Massey, Talia McElhiney, Mabel Mueller, Calista Nelson, Fisher Riiska, Paige Scott, Theo Weidinger.


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