Great Barrington plan could be traffic disaster

Friday September 28, 2012

There is currently a special permit application before the Planning Board of Great Barrington. Neighborhood anxiety and concern has generated over 90 letters to the planning board and to other town officials.

The applicant, Barrington Brook LLC and Stone Path Development, proposes building 59 four- or five bedroom on the site of Burning Tree, a failed development that was allowed 15 houses in the past. The property is very close to Lake Mansfield and the access road going directly past it and into a network of residential homes.

Alternate roads are narrow and winding. Traffic consultants have estimated the in creased traffic flow from the site at an additional 610 vehicles a day. They are satisfied with the safety capacity of the roads to handle this increase. Many neighbors have questions about this.

My concern is about what an additional 610 vehicles will be doing to the town of Great Bar rington. There is no way that this can be viewed as anything but appalling. The traffic im pact would be enormous if he development were complete today, but factor in the future loss of two right-hand turn lanes (Taconic Avenue and Bridge Street) and the traffic will approach being unbearable and, yes, possibly dangerous.

A reduction in the number of proposed buildings would be in the best interests of the town and might be a solution to an impending traffic nightmare. The public hearing on this project continues at 7:15 on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at the town hall. If this project is important to you, please try to come and express your views. This is the last opportunity to speak as the public part of the hearing will be closed after this meeting.


Great Barrington


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