Greylock's Brett McCormack's 82 goals helped earn him MVP honors in lacrosse


Eighty-two goals are a lot to score in a lacrosse season.

Some teams may not get to 82 over the course of a regular season, but Mount Greylock attack Brett McCormack got to that number all by himself. He was the kind of player any coach would have loved to have in uniform.

"Oh gosh, his first step to the goal was just so quick. He was almost unstoppable," Taconic coach Bill O'Brien-Garvey said. "We had some good defensemen try to stop him, and he was almost an unstoppable force."

McCormack, a senior at Greylock, is this year's All-Eagle boys lacrosse most valuable player, and the numbers more than support the honor.

McCormack led the Mounties into the Western Massachusetts tournament, and had numbers players only dream of. He led Berkshire County with 82 goals scored, and chipped in 59 assists. He also helped lead the Mounties to a third seed in the Western Massachusetts Division II tournament, and a quarterfinal win over Minnechaug Regional. The 82 goals weren't that many fewer goals than O'Brien-Garvey's team scored as a collective unit in 2013.

"We weren't a high-scoring team anyway," O'Brien-Garvey said. "It's almost unbelievable. I don't care what level you're at. He just had an outstanding year."

When opposing coaches prepared to play the Mounties, they realized that keeping McCormack off the scoreboard was a near-impossible task. Some coaches said his play in his own end rivaled what he did in the offensive zone.

"He's a player you have to keep an eye on, obviously," Monument Mountain coach Rob Leary said. "He's got good scoring skills. He's solid defensively and he's solid all around for them."

McCormack grew up around lacrosse. His father George is the men's lacrosse coach at Williams College, and Brett himself, has been playing the game for a long time.

Greylock coach Jeff Stripp has been working with McCormack for some eight years, as the Greylock varsity team took root from the early years in the Berkshire County Lacrosse Association.

"He was part of our very first group," Stripp said. "I couldn't have imagined [this] back then. But I quickly figured out that he loved the game more than anything else. He's willing to work hard. He's willing to put in the time that made him a great player."

When teams play the Mounties, they are greeted by a sea of red. That's because Greylock has one of the deeper teams in Berkshire County. And as far as Stripp is concerned, those numbers are a key facet to McCormack that isn't always seen. The coach said he's always talking up the game and getting some players to come out for the team.

"That goes unnoticed, but he does a great job of bringing kids into the program," the coach said, "because of his enthusiasm for the game.

"You can have one or two players who are really enthusiastic about playing and that allows others to give it a try. Kids are attracted to that."


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