Gun control just part of solution

Wednesday February 13, 2013

A 1991 biography by Alex Kotlowitz, titled "There Are No Children Here" tells the story of two pre-teen brothers growing up in the projects in Chicago. Violence and weapons, particularly gangs and small handguns, are the source of their fears as they try to live safely in an unsafe world.

Thankfully, Pittsfield is not Chicago. But we live in a community that has its share of violence. Until the strangleholds of poverty, unemployment, health management, and an impoverished value system are significantly addressed, we will continue to struggle to find peace and non-violent solutions to conflict. Gun control is only part of the solution.

In fact, the Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice will sponsor a community forum for agencies and authorities to discuss services and programs and possibilities aimed at reducing violence in the Berkshires.

The event will take place on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. at Berkshire Community College. The public is invited.




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