Guns can save lives as well

Thursday August 2, 2012

This letter is in response to the July 29 letter from Carolyn Sharp ("Citizens must take on gun lobby.")

First of all I want to say that the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado was a horrific crime and a heartbreaking tragedy as are all murders. However, to remove the Second Amend ment, "the right to bear arms" will not put an end to these crimes. If guns are outlawed, do you think that criminals will not be able to obtain guns? Did Prohibition stop people from drinking? Criminals will be able to get guns through the black market. The people who won’t have guns will be the law-abiding citizens, who won’t be able to have guns to protect themselves. This could even increase gun violence.

A gun can save a life. Two incidents come to mind. In June of this year, if handguns were outlawed, a 14-year-old Arizona boy and his three younger siblings would likely be dead. When an armed intruder broke into the boy’s home, the teen got his father’s handgun. The intruder pointed his gun at the boy, but the teenager fired first, saving his own life and those of his younger siblings.

Husband and wife college professors were murdered by two teen boys in January, 2001. Six months earlier these same boys tried to enter a home to rob and kill the inhabitants. One asked the man at the home permission to enter while the other boy hid in the bushes. The man refused but the boy repeatedly asked to be allowed into the house. This man then let him see his Glock pistol which he had been hiding behind his back. The boys left. Just the fact that this man had a gun, which he didn’t even fire saved his and his 11-year-old son’s lives.

Our Founding Fathers were wise men who wrote our Constitution. If we remove the Second Amendment, what will be next?




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