Guns needed for wilderness living

Thursday January 17, 2013

The other night we watched the "Adventures of the Wilderness Family" movie on TV and I learned something about responsible gun ownership and use. This 1975 (38 years ago) movie about a nice family could be a learning experience for many gun owners. The Wilderness Family lives in a log cabin in the high mountains and must rely upon their own skills to gather food and eat. Since there are no supermarkets or stores the family must kill deer or other animals for fresh meat. They must also defend themselves from wild animals.

Therefore, they need guns. After being attacked by wolves and mountain lions, the little kid falling through the ice, wolves attacking their log cabin and starting a fire, a wolverine getting into their meat locker and the mother getting deathly ill, they still managed to be responsible with their guns. They never shot to kill any animal except for meat, didn’t shoot and kill any person, didn’t mount any deer heads on the wall, didn’t need an M-16 automatic rifle, assault weapon or 9 MM automatic hand gun, but still managed quite well.

Gun owners are all saying they need their guns and it’s the crazy people that are the problem, not the guns, including M-16 rifles and other assault weapons. But, if they live in the city that rationale falls apart, unless they have other unspoken reasons for needing the guns.

There’s something to be learned from this movie. I think all gun owners need to watch it and act accordingly. Then they can keep the guns that are necessary for their survival!


Shaftsbury, Vt.


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