Guns protect our freedom, liberty

Saturday August 4, 2012

At Columbine, the shooters dressed up like characters in "The Matrix." In Aurora, it was Batman’s the Joker. If you want to infringe upon the Second Amendment, then you must also infringe upon the First Amendment, freedom of speech. Violence in movies and video games help killers shut off reality and live a fantasy as they do the unthinkable.

News outlets reported that Warner Bros. instructed theaters to stop showing a trailer for the film "Gangster Squad," which preceded the "Dark Knight Rises" screening in some cities, though not Au rora, because it contained a scene involving a mass shooting with sub-machine guns in a movie theater. Admission of guilt? Maybe.

CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, a citizen of the United Kingdom, is one of many people trying to sway Americans to change gun laws. Brits cannot own guns and during the UK riots there were not enough police to protect the people. Communities in the mob’s path lost everything.

I watched a CNN documentary on the Los Angeles riots. It showed how Korean-Amer icans armed with firearms saved their community. Entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble. Korean-American businesses were specifically targeted and owners’ pleas for help were ignored. By defending themselves with their own guns, only Koreatown emerged virtually unscathed and with no loss of life. Not to disparage the police, but there isn’t a police force large enough to protect you. Police are not omnipresent. Most of the time they show up after the murder, after the theft, after the injustice occurs.

Background checks work. The rare delinquent who slips through the cracks and creates mayhem, as devastating as it is, must be counted among the costs of liberty.

Much blood was shed in purchasing our Second Amend ment rights. Who is anyone to toy with it? Meddle with it and you’re rewriting the Constitu tion. Then it’s down hill toward the loss of liberty from there. Haven’t we already lost enough because of our fears of terrorism? Our freedoms as Americans have been severely affected, we are bogged down with laws and regulations.

Leave the Second Amend ment alone. We may wish to avail ourselves of its protections in the future.




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