Hall: Innocence will be proven

Thursday April 25, 2013

My name is Adam Hall. I am in Plymouth County jail, falsely charged with three murders and a bunch of other lesser crimes. I’m writing this to reply to some loser that made a comment saying, "And what’s that thing around his neck?". Well, it’s a cross, moron! I know I’ve been dehumanized too much for some dope like that to get it, but here goes.

I was visited by spirits when I was a kid, and they told me to wash myself in the Mormon Church. Two of those that came were Fly Smith and Joseph Smith. They told me to seek out the Mormon Church, and the next day as I walked downstairs the TV came on and it was a commercial for a free Mormon bible. I called, I was baptized a Mormon in N.J. Then I left the church to learn about the real world.

Later, I found out Fly Smith was an Indian chief that died in the trail of tears and that Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion in 1830. Both, I have found, are my ancestors.

I learned Mitt Romney wouldn’t be president long before the election. Only after he gives the silent majority his attention will he be blessed with the presidency! I’m sure you think that’s crazy, but I know it’s true. I saw it as it was told to me by Moroni, as I sat in my cell in Ludlow.

I’m sure the same dope that made that comment about me wearing a cross is saying I’m trying to act crazy. But it’s not my intention to try for an insanity plea. I’m innocent and I can prove it completely.

If the cops weren’t so blinded by their own ambitions they would have solved the case and the families would get justice. I feel that by the time this case comes to trial the world will get to finally see the facts, but it will be too late to find evidence to get the ones who did this and the case will go unsolved due to a very one-sided investigation! I’m sorry for that, but what can I do?

The dope will be happy to hear that when I was shipped to Plymouth County, the transport cop took my cross from me! Guess I’m not allowed to believe in God! I can’t even get a Mormon bible. So much for the whole religious freedom idea this country was built on!

I’m deathly sick and I can’t go to a hospital but I can be sent to a jail three hours away and be robbed of my right to religion! I can’t wait ‘til trial!

To my love I send kisses! Leo. Don’t mismatch her socks!

P.S. I can’t believe they are holding my two friends! That’s a crime!


Plymouth, Mass.

Adam Hall of Peru has been charged in the homicides of three Pittsfield residents in 2011. Also charged were David Chalue of North Adams and Caius Velovis of Pittsfield.


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