Hall's lawyer wants triple homicide trial moved out of Berkshires


PITTSFIELD -- The lawyer for an alleged Hells Angel accused of murdering three people with the help of two others in August 2011 is asking the court to move the trial outside of Berkshire County because "voluminous" media coverage has "impaired" his client's ability to get a fair trial here. Meanwhile, another attorney in the case has gone on record to oppose the Berkshire District Attorney's request to try all three defendants together.

Attorney Alan J. Black, the lawyer for Adam Lee Hall, would like to see his client's trial held in Worcester or Hampden Counties or "any county east of Worcester," where there is less of a chance the potential jury pool has been "affected by the pre-trial publicity."

Barring a move, Black suggested bringing in a jury from outside Berkshire County to hear the case in Pittsfield.

Hall, 36, of Peru, is alleged, along with two other men, David Chalue and Caius Veiovis, to have kidnapped and killed Pittsfield residents David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell.

Hall's lawyer called media reports on the case "incessant" and "inflammatory" and that the media have labeled Hall "a sociopathic murderer." Black wrote that the reporting "sent a subconscious message to the community that the [d]efendant is guilty."

Beyond this, he wrote, the coverage has "magnified" the alleged crimes which "are offensive to the public even in the absence of media hype."

Law enforcement officials allege that the three men's bodies were dismembered and disposed of in 14 garbage bags that were later discovered buried on private property in Becket, according to Black's motion.

A fourth defendant, David Casey, 64, of Canaan, N.Y., allegedly used his excavator to help bury the bodies and was charged as an accessory after the fact. Casey said Hall intimidated him into helping with the burial, according to one of his attorneys.

Hall, Chalue, 46, of North Adams, and Veiovis, 32, of Pittsfield, were indicted and arraigned in October 2011 on multiple counts each of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation. They all have pleaded not guilty and remain in jail without the right to bail.

James Gavin Reardon Jr., who represents Veiovis, has also filed a motion opposing Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless in his request for a single trial for all three defendants.

Reardon wrote that some statements made by Hall "could be viewed" as implicating the other two defendants in the crime, which would prevent the three from being able to have a single trial.

He also cited the "quantity and quality of evidence" against Hall in contrast to his client who, he wrote, "is the lone defendant who is not alleged to have made any admission or confession to anyone about having any part in the abduction or killing of any of the victims." He said a conviction based on "guilt by association is high" if a single trial is allowed.

Capeless had argued for one trial for the three defendants to prevent there being three lengthy trials and because the crimes stem from a "single plan or scheme."

Besides the triple murder case, Hall is facing close to two dozen other charges, including armed robbery, distribution of cocaine and multiple counts of kidnapping stemming from earlier alleged incidents going back to 2009.

Police say Glasser was killed to prevent him from testifying against Hall in an upcoming trial and that the other two men were killed to prevent there being any witnesses.

No trial date has been set in the case.

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