Handicapped have nothing to prove

Thursday November 8, 2012

Derek Gentile’s Nov. 2 commentary "Handicapped parking spot is optional" directly states the limitations of designated handicapped parking spots. Like Mr. Gentile, I have a handicapped parking card which I received when my neurologist requested it for me. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis which negatively affects my balance, my walking ability, and my walking endurance. As much as I don’t like to use it, it is absolutely necessary for me to use it whenever I go out alone.

I know there are people who might abuse this privilege and continue to use a temporary pass when the end of the period of time it covers has passed. Unlike Mr. Gentile, I look physically fit and don’t have a "physical device" to display to people who question if my handicap is "real."

The bottom line is that nobody should have to prove they might need help. Mr. Gentile could put a funny spin on this issue, but for all people who have some level of handicap, it’s not easy to laugh.




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