Harbour Grace rocks hard in Pittsfield

Thursday September 6, 2012


Right now, the hard rock band Harbour Grace is a trio. But lead singer and guitarist Darin Almeida doesn't expect that to be the case for too much longer.

"We're looking for a new drummer," he admitted in a recent interview. The band is seeking to replace longtime drummer Dan Teichert, and Almeida said he hopes to hire one soon. Prospective candidates can still apply, however, to Harbour Grace on Facebook or contact the band via their website, harbourgrace.net.

But since this story isn't supposed to be a help wanted ad, Almeida happily discussed the history, influences and -- that's right -- breakdancing origins of one of the city's more well-known groups. Harbour Grace is now composed of Keith Ferris on guitar and Shawn Maschino on bass, as well as Almeida.

Q: First, the name. What is a Harbour Grace?

A: (Laughs) It's a town in Newfoundland. It's where Dan Teichert's mom was born and grew up. When we were trying to think of a name, Dan came up with that, and we all liked it. It sounded good, and it has a connection to us.

Q: Fair enough. How long have you guys been a band?

A: Since 2005. Keith and I were in the same band several years ago. We left the band and drifted apart for a while. We met up again in 2005, and thought about a band. Dan is actually my brother-in-law. So it came together pretty quickly.

Q:How would describe the music of Harbour Grace?

A:Well, we're a hard rock band, more or less, that does mostly originals. We do some covers, but our main objective is to be a songwriting band.

Q:As a hard rock band, can you describe your influences?

A:Oh man, that's a tough one. I really listen to all kinds of music, from blues to heavy metal to rock. I really like them all. I guess as a guitar player, I would say guys like Jimi Hendrix had an impact.

Q: When did you start

A: I was 14, and my friend Sean Hurley and I used to be breakdancers. But then the year I was 14, Sean got a bass guitar.
And he suggested I get a guitar. So I did.
That was huge for me.

Q:So breakdancing went out the window?

A: (Laughs) Yes. Break dancing went out the window.

Q:You said you do covers. What type of covers are we talking about?

A: Ah, I'd say it was classic rock. Queen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Bryan Adams. That vein.

Q:You play throughout the Northeast. But you also play local venues, I assume.

A: Yeah. Halpin's, the GEAA, Casey's, lots of places.

Any favorites?

A:Ah, I never like to pick favorites. I don't want to offend anybody. Halpin's has been very good to us, let's put it that way.

Q:What do you have out for prospective Harbour Grace fans to hear?

A: We have an EP, "Placid," we released in 2005. And our latest album, "Call of the Nameless," is on Amazon.com or at harbourgrace.net.


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