Hard work nets McCann postsecondary graduates real-world skills


Photo Gallery | 2014 McCann Technical School Postsecondary Graduation

NORTH ADAMS -- McCann Technical School graduated 25 students from postsecondary educational programs, all of them with practical skills in specific fields that will allow them to pursue their chosen careers.

Most of the students, between the ages of 21 to around 40, had to balance their school requirements with jobs and family obligations, noted McCann Principal Justin Kratz.

"It's huge for them," he said. "The level of commitment it takes to earn these [professional] certifications is immense. It's quite the juggling act."

Certifications were earned in the fields of dental assisting, medical assisting, surgical technology and cosmetology.

Medal winners among the graduates were Emily Girard, Christine Croce and Samantha Bruchbacher in medical assisting; and Caitlyn Elder and Megan Thompson in dental assisting.

Samantha Bruchbacher, Jessenya Rodriguez, Stephanie Brazeau and Katie Stegner were awarded scholarships.

Courtney Bator was among the graduates in the medical-assisting field, and after the ceremonies she explained how much it took to earn her certification: "Everything."

Between going to school, she worked part time at TJ Maxx in Pittsfield.

"It took hard work, a lot of time, a lot of studying, and balancing all of it," Bator said surrounded by smiling family members.

During school, she also interned at Advanced Eye Care in North Adams, where she will start working soon.

"Now that I have my certification, I will bring my career as far as possible," she added.

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McCann Postsecondary Graduates


Stacey Austin, Middlefield; Shelby Bator, Cheshire; Courtney Bologna, North Adams; Laurie Grimaldi, Adams; Anna Kronick, North Adams; Christopher Markland, Adams.

Dental Assisting

Stephanie Brazeau, Cheshire; Evelyn Colon, North Adams; Chelsea DeGroff, Williamstown; Michelle Dickinson, Cheshire; Caitlyn Elder, North Adams; Brittany Jennings, Williamstown; Taryn Lacy, Pittsfield; Mollie Messana, Pittsfield; Jessenya Rodriguez, Adams; Megan Thompson, Williamstown.

Medical Assisting

Courtney Bator, Adams; Samantha Bruchbacher, Cheshire; Christine Croce, Pittsfield; Emily Girard, North Adams; Kamlyn Haas, Adams.

Surgical Technology

Sarah Bowler, Pittsfield; Johanna Miner, Greenfield; Katie Stegner, Pittsfield; Stefanie Tatro, North Adams.

McCann Postsecondary Awards & Scholarships

SkillsUSA State Competition Awards: Bronze Medal: Emily Girard, Medical Assisting. Silver Medal: Caitlyn Elder, Dental Assisting; Christine Croce, Medical Assisting. Gold Medal: Megan Thompson, Dental Assisting; Samantha Bruchbacher, Medical Assisting.

Adams Mountain Club Scholarship: Samantha Bruchbacher, Medical Assisting.

Sharon Ferguson Memorial Scholarship: Jessenya Rodriguez.

Northern Berkshire Business & Professional Women's Margaret E. Lanoue Memorial Scholarship: Stephanie Brazeau, Dental Assisting.

Jamie Sacchetti Drennan Memorial Scholarship: Katie Stegner.


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