Harris has experience, qualifications

Sunday Sept. 2, 2012

I have worked with Patsy Harris for over 10 years now at the Registry of Deeds, and for the last 5 1 2 of the 10 with her as assistant register.

Although it is obvious that Patsy's qualifications and experience are unbeatable, I would like to discuss her management skills that I have witnessed on a daily basis. Who better to speak of her management skills, but one of her staff.

Patsy Harris has always maintained a level of professionalism, at the same time maintaining a pleasant work environment. I have not seen an instance yet where a question or situation has been presented to Patsy, whether by the staff, legal community or the general public, that she hasn't been able to manage with professionalism and grace.

Patsy Harris not only fields the questions, but makes it possible to walk away feeling confident and educated. She is not only qualified with the dayto- day operations, our computer system, the importance of properly protecting and archiving our records, but also has the knowledge and education and experience to ensure the title and interests of land owners' property. She has been an exemplary leader with the management skills needed for the position of register of deeds.

I wholeheartedly support Patsy Harris for register of deeds. I'm asking all of the voters to join me in promoting her in her career, a position she not only has earned, but in my opinion deserves, and is qualified for.

Don't vote for a name; don't vote based on popularity; vote for experience and qualifications. Vote Patsy Harris for register of deeds on Sept. 6



The writer is Archival Specialist at the Registry of Deeds.


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