Harris has passion, commitment

Tuesday September 4, 2012

I am writing in hopes of offering Middle Berkshire voters a personal glimpse of the woman I hope to see become the register of deeds. I will be voting for Patsy Harris and encourage my fellow voters to do the same.

I trust in Patsy's years of experience in the field of property deeds, I believe in Patsy's integrity and her commitment to the office, and I am certain that Patsy's current leadership roles in the Registry have prepared her to manage the staff and the documents. I am voting to keep Patsy at the Registry and I am voting to promote her to the position I believe she has earned.

But, most importantly, I am voting for the person I have known Patsy to be during our 10 year friendship. Simply put, she is just a great person. She is professional and passionate and caring. She has an obvious love for her career and has always been one of the few that I know who truly looks forward to going to work because she is doing something that makes her heart happy. There's something about deeds, titles, land claims and property laws that makes her tick. And, that is exactly the kind of person that I want to manage my community's property records.

I want someone who cares about the details of the job and has for years. Her passion for this field did not develop to coincide with good timing for a political election; it is a sincere enthusiasm I have heard firsthand from her for over a decade. She wants to be your register and she has spent her career preparing to do just that.

I invite you to join me in voting on Thursday for the sincerity, competence and passion that Patsy represents.




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