Harris will continue doing the job

Tuesday September 4, 2012

After viewing the register of deeds debate on August 27 at BCC a few things stuck in my mind. All three candidates presented their points of view on the register's job, but when the question arose on what would you do on Sept. 7 if not elected only one candidate gave me the answer that truly shows her love for the job. One candidate said he would go back to running his family electrical business, and the other said she would go back to her job at General Dynamics. Only Patsy Harris said she would continue her life in the Registry of Deeds in some way or manner, in searching titles or title abstracts.

A lot has been said about the managerial qualifications of the register. Come on people, it's a state run office! You need to know what it takes to manage documents, more so than people. If an attorney walks into the Registry 10 minutes prior to the end of the day with a closing on your house and questions arise, who is going to answer that question? The "Registry Genie" in Boston? Try getting hold of someone in Boston at 10 to 4 in the afternoon. Patsy Harris has the qualifications to answer those questions so your home will be on record. The Registry of Deeds is under the umbrella of the secretary of state's office, and as we all know it doesn't matter who the register is, Boston is going to give us what they want to for a budget.

It's clear in my mind and should be in yours, The only qualified candidate for register of deeds is Patsy Harris, please join me and vote for her on Thursday.




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