Hatred in U.S. is fueled by fear


American has become a divided country and our government is just as divided. Hate-filled letters fill our newspapers and hate-filled posts fill the Internet. Most of this hate is gossip and is not true. It is fueled by fear. Politicians use these fears to divide the country and to advance their agendas to the point that we now have a do nothing government stalemate.

Democrats fear that corporations are taking over the democracy and Republicans fear that the minorities are taking over the government. Unless we work together for common sense solutions, we will become a third world nation.

We need to pass a jobs bill that will put people back to work. We need to have welfare reform that provides incentives for those who work toward getting off welfare. We also need corporate welfare reform, where corporations take responsibility for their employees and contribute to the government infrastructure which supplements their business needs. We need to balance the budget at the same time we keep our economy strong. We need to be able to take strong foreign policy positions and reduce military spending. We all agree that we need tax reform.

We can accomplish these changes by demanding that our politicians find solutions that have common ground for all sides. The time for hate and fear is past.

Write your newspapers and write your elected officials. Demand common sense solutions that are good for all Americans. DANIEL HUNTER



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