Head Start reality seen in classroom

Tuesday February 26, 2013

In reference to the Feb. 22 letter "Head Start is a preschool failure," I was first incensed then puzzled at the writer’s judgment. Failure compared to what or whom? Apparently, the writer believes that children don’t deserve an even break if they don’t exhibit particular skills which are not cost-effective in the short run, that is, by the age of eight.

Perhaps he should visit a class and see for himself the reality: The accomplishments of skilled and dedicated teachers who have 3- to 5-year-olds of diverse and often highly challenging backgrounds. They manage to: feed the children two nourishing meals; encourage good hygiene; read; provide constructive play; provide music, teach songs, games; outdoor play, even yoga, and very vital, getting along with others. All within a three-hour period five days a week. I’ve seen it and find the achievements remarkable.

It would be nothing short of a crime to curtail Head Start and much more costly to society in the long run.


Great Barrington


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