High time for sanity on gun laws

Tuesday July 24, 2012

The most recent tragedy in Colorado is yet another glaring example of why we need some form of gun control in this country. Twelve people so far have died. And while horrific, the same number of Americans, including our young, died in seven days in Chicago.

There will be much handwringing, and some pundits and politicians will be brave enough to voice an opinion about reining in the violence plaguing our country.

Then the powerful gun lobby will rear its head and silence will once again fall upon the airwaves and papers. We have to have some semblance of intelligent conversation and laws in America.

This latest madman bought over 6,000 rounds of ammunition and explosives over the Internet. No one needs a gun that shoots off 50 rounds a minute or has a viable purpose for purchasing tear gas.

In the Arizona rampage, where Rep. Gabby Gifffords and 19 others were shot, including six who were killed, it is legal to purchase multiple semi-automatic guns and banana clips holding 30 rounds at the local Walmart daily without a gun licence. They can legally sell them to anyone so long as they "aren't knowingly aware" they are a criminal or a minor.

Could the Colorado shooter have killed several people with a regular rifle or handgun? Absolutely! But at least there would have been a chance to lessen the hit list.

Democrats are so frightened of the NRA they aren't even proposing legislation anymore. Not only has President Obama taken away any gun control, he signed into law for the first time the right to carry a concealed weapon in our federal parks.

No one is advocating taking away a person's right to own a gun, or collect them. But when Mexico's drug cartel is using guns legally bought here while gangs and our youth are settling scores with a bullet daily, we have to as a nation say enough!

We have to show a license to buy cigarettes but not to purchase a weapon and ammo that can hit 70 people, including children.

Sanity has to be implemented in our discourse as well as our laws. Constituionalists and gun advocates can debate whether it is a militia's or an individual's the right to bear arms. In the meantime, at least put regulations into law as you would for a pack of smokes.




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