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CHESHIRE -- The gymnasium was hot, but the celebration of commencement for the Hoosac Valley High School Class of 2014 Friday night was very cool.

Starting off the program was Connor Wotkowicz performing a song on piano, prompting the audience of hundreds to begin clapping to the music.

Then, representing the Class of 2014, Tyler Carpenter performed the oratory miracle of inciting widespread laughter among his peers and audience, riffing on inside jokes and his class' athletic prowess. He was especially proud, he said, that the girls lacrosse team won a game this season, setting off another wave of laughter through the crowd.

"As long as you wake up every day and can say ‘I did my best,' you will be successful," he declared.

Each of the 83 graduates came forward one at a time to receive their diplomas from Darlene Rodowicz, chair of the Adams-Cheshire Regional School Committee.

Some of them were presented their diplomas by a parent or other loved one, accompanied by big hugs of affection and glee.

Co-valedictorian Krystyna Cochrane offered some remarks to the gathering.

Noting that she struggled with what she should say, she finally realized she should just be herself. She lauded her class for their years of growth and experience, and said she looks forward to hearing of their future achievements.

"One word I would pin to this class is determination," she said. And then, to end her remarks, Cochrane made a request: "I'd like to ask one more thing of my class. Moo with me!"

She starting mooing loudly into the microphone, soon followed by the Class of 2014, who were in turn followed by the entire audience. For one magical moment, an exercise in pomp and dignity became a giant, full-volume moo factory.

Co-valedictorian Sean Ryan-Kut praised his classmates and expressed his confidence in their abilities.

"Do not allow yourself to abandon your aspirations," he concluded. "Dare to be your best. Farewell classmates, and thank you."

When the ceremonies were concluded and they had officially graduated, the Class of 2014 allowed themselves one more childlike act -- they covered each other in silly string before marching off into their future.

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Hoosac Valley Class of 2014

Megan Alarie*+, Kalyn Alibozek**+, Trevor Alibozek, Savannah Barnes, Ryan Bartlett**+, Lucas Bourdon, Matthew Braman*+, Brittany Brooks, Jacob Brown, Courtney Buda, Joseph Buonemani, Alyssa Bush*+, Brenna Bushey**+, Courtney Bussiere.

Christopher Cardimino*+, Brittany Carlo, Tyler Carpenter**+, Chandler Chaput, Connor Chaput**+, Ty Clark, Krystyna Cochrane**+, Julian Colon, Coryssa Cote*, Joshua Dalton, Meghan Deluca, Jocelyn Duhamel, Daniel Durant.

Mackenzie Fletcher*, Elizabeth Florence, David Frye, Justina Furey, Colby Gage, Jennifer Gale*+, Celina Gigliotti*+, Aaron Gwozdz, Courtney Hayer, Ian Hill*+, Kelsey Hosley, James Howe, Jodi Hurley, Thomas Jayko, Alicia Johnson**+.

Kassandra Kazimierczak*+, Jesse Kickery, Taylor Kline**+, Shaun Knapp, James Lathrop, Hayden Lemoine, Christopher Lillie, Cecily Malloy, Edward Malloy, Ashley Massey, Camden McGrath, Emily Mcwhirt*+, Jordan Mountz.

Justin Nichols**+, Meghan Ostrobinski, Keith Pero*+, Caryn Piacenti*+, Matthew Provencher, Kayla Racine, Megan Rodowicz*+, Hannah Rose, Alexandria Rousseau*, David Rowe, Sean Ryan-Kut**+, Richard Sookey*+, Hannah Stansfield*+.

Sabrina Superneau-Gilman*, Emily Thurston, Caroline Tomkowicz*+, John Trimarchi, Brandon Tworig, Renee Vittone**+, Sergei Vittone, Matthew Waltermire*, Samantha Warner, Samuel Wilbur, McKenzie Will*+, Breanna Wojtaszek, Connor Wotkowicz**+, Weston Zarek, Krystal Zieba*+.

** High Honors

* Honors

+ National Honor Society

Hoosac Valley Awards & Scholarships

Adams Community Bank Scholarships: Kalyn Alibozek, Brenna Bushey, Tyler Carpenter, Connor Chaput, Krystyna Cochrane, Alicia Johnson, Sean Ryan-Kut, Renee Vittone, Connor Wotkowicz

Adams Council Knights of Columbus #230 Scholarship: Celina Gigliotti.

Adams High School Class of 1946 Scholarship: Megan Rodowicz.

Adams High School Class of 1958 Scholarship: Courtney Bussiere, Shaun Knapp.

Adams Lodge of Elks/Dominic Yuliano Scholarship: Cecily Malloy, Meghan Ostrobinski.

Adams Lions Club Scholarships: Alyssa Bush, Justina Furey, Hannah Stansfield.

William T. Adams Fund Scholarships: Matthew Braman, Christopher Cardimino, Connor Chaput, Justin Nichols.

Elise C. & Robert T. Arnold Memorial Scholarships: Celina Gigliotti, Alexandria Rousseau.

Mildred H. & John G. Arnold Memorial Scholarships: Chandler Chaput, Coryssa Cote.

Richard F. Boulger Memorial Scholarships: Matthew Braman, Connor Chaput.

Bernard R. "Bucky" Bullet Memorial Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Irene & Tom Chalmers Memorial Scholarship: Ian Hill.

Cheshire Garden Club: Ryan Bartlett.

Cheshire Police Association Scholarships: Ty Clark, Christopher Lillie.

June M. Cole Fund for Continuing Education Scholarships: Christopher Cardimino, Connor Wotkowicz, McKenzie Will.

George Coope Memorial Scholarship: Coryssa Cote.

Frank N. Costa Public Service Award: Krystal Zieba.

Francis E. & Ann M. Couture Memorial Scholarship: Ian Hill.

Tony Couture Memorial Scholarships: Ian Hill, Richard Sookey.

Ruth Brenner Crawford Memorial Scholarship: Renee Vittone.

Mary M. Czubryt Memorial Scholarship: Megan Rodowicz.

Wilfred "Pete" DeBlois, Notre Dame Memorial Scholarships: Alyssa Bush, Taylor Kline.

Margaret R. Degere Memorial Scholarships: Alicia Johnson, Caryn Piacenti, McKenzie Will, Krystal Zieba.

Armenia C. Deguire Memorial Scholarship: Caroline Tomkowicz.

Walter R. & Pearl Dynes Memorial Scholarships: Kelsey Hosley, Taylor Kline.

The Flower Gallery Scholarship: Ian Hill.

Theresa M. & William R. Fortini Sr. Memorial Scholarships: Kalyn Alibozek, Renee Vittone.

Frank H. Graham Memorial Fund Scholarships: Matthew Braman, Connor Chaput.

Hoosac Valley High School Art Club Scholarships: Brenna Bushey, Brittany Carlo.

Hoosac Valley High School Class of 1985 Scholarship: MacKenzie Fletcher, Emily McWhirt.

Hoosac Valley High School Guidance Department Scholarships: Courtney Bussiere, Shaun Knapp.

Hoosac Valley High School Store Scholarships: Jodi Hurley.

Iacuessa-Jaworski Scholarship: Meghan DeLuca.

Emilia Jajko Memorial Scholarship: John Trimarchi.

Walter & Velma Harrington Kruszyna Fund Scholarships: Alexandria Rousseau, Emily Thurston.

Keith A. Levesque Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Bartlett.

Maple Grove Civic Club Scholarships: Ty Clark, Caroline Tomkowicz.

Susan Martel Memorial Scholarship: Emily Thurston.

Edward W. & May F. Martin Memorial Scholarships: Megan Alarie, Tyler Carpenter.

Diana M. Morgan Memorial Scholarship: Thomas Jayko.

Betty Von Mosch Memorial Scholarship: Connor Wotkowicz.

Daniel H. Petithory Memorial Scholarships: Joseph Buonemani, David Frye, Taylor Kline, Hannah Stansfield.

Herbert & Betty Randall Scholarship: Connor Wotkowicz.

Helen Stokey Raschdorf Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Racine.

Warren E. & Louise M. Robinson Memorial Scholarship: Megan Rodowicz.

Paul M. Roemelt Memorial Scholarship: Lucas Bourdon.

James L. Rowley Memorial Scholarship: Kalyn Alibozek, Jennifer Gale.

Edmund R. & Majory St. John Jr. Memorial Scholarships: Jennifer Gale, Krystal Zieba.

Agnes Skrocki Memorial Scholarship: Jocelyn Duhamel.

Henry Herbert Smythe Trust Fund Scholarships: Megan Alarie, Kalyn Alibozek, Ryan Bartlett, Alyssa Bush, Brenna Bushey, Tyler Carpenter, Krystyna Cochrane, Mackenzie Fletcher, Alicia Johnson, Taylor Kline, Kassandra Kazimierczak, Emily McWhirt, Justin Nichols, Caryn Piacenti, Keith Pero, Sabrina Superneau-Gilman, Caroline Tomkowicz, John Trimarchi, Matthew Waltermire, McKenzie Will.

Specialty Minerals Inc. Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Catherine Sutliff Memorial Scholarships: Courtney Bussiere, Meghan DeLuca, Justina Furey, Jordan Mountz.

Hazel Tiedemann Charitable Trust Fund Scholarships: Aaron Gwozdz, Courtney Hayer, Thomas Jayko, Kayla Racine, Hannah Rose.

James H. Urquhart Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Justin Nichols.

Thomas M. & Jeanette K. Uryniak Memorial Scholarship: Richard Sookey.

VFW Burnette-Bednarz Post 1995 Scholarships: Courtney Hayer, Jordan Mountz, Shaun Knapp.

Edward P. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Cardimino.

Eileen Brenner Willig Scholarship: Krystyna Cochrane.

Jacob & Dora Wineberg Scholarships: Sabrina Superneau-Gilman, Matthew Waltermire.

Chester J. Zabek Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Braman.

Valedictorian Awards: Krystyna Cochrane, Sean Ryan-Kut.

Salutatorian Award: Connor Wotkowicz.

Miller Book Awards: Krystyna Cochrane, Sean Ryan-Kut, Connor Wotkowicz.

Class Officer Awards: President: Ian Hill; Vice-President: Sean Ryan-Kut; Secretary: John Trimarchi; Treasurer: Megan Rodowicz

Student Council Awards: Megan Alarie, Kayln Alibozek, Krystyna Cochrane, Meghan DeLuca, Alicia Johnson, David Rowe, Sean Ryan-Kut, Richard Sookey, John Trimarchi, Renee Vittone, Matthew Waltermire.

Principal's Award: Meghan DeLuca.

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award: Meghan DeLuca.

Urquhart Memorial Award: Matthew Braman.

Peter I. Zelazo Award: Megan Rodowicz.

Elfrieda A. Koch Memorial Literary Prize: Connor Wotkowicz.

John Phillip Sousa Award: Connor Wotkowicz.

Varsity Awards Band: Ryan Bartlett, Krystyna Cochrane, Kassandra Kazimierczak, Hannah Stansfield, Connor Wotkowicz.

Varsity Jazz Ensemble Awards: Krystyna Cochrane, Connor Wotkowicz.

HVHS Director's Awards for Chorus: Meghan DeLuca.

Varsity Awards Chorus: Meghan DeLuca, David Rowe.

Thomas J. Oxton Memorial Award: Ian Hill.

Alfred W. Skrocki Scholastic Leadership Award: Renee Vittone.

Joshua P. Snyder Heart & Soul Award: Matthew Braman.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Awards: Meghan DeLuca, Sean Ryan-Kut.

WBEC Sports Caravan Scholarships: Matthew Braman, Ian Hill.

Perfect Attendance Award: Matthew Waltermire.

Massachusetts Superintendents Awards: Krystyna Cochrane, Sean Ryan-Kut, Connor Wotkowicz.

Military Service Recognition Awards: Joshua Dalton, Daniel Durant, David Rowe.

Adams Cheshire Teachers Association Scholarships: Lucas Bourdon, Sean Ryan-Kut.

Adams High School Class of 1969 Scholarships: Renee Vittone, Sergei Vittone.

Adams Lodge of Elks #1335 Scholarship: Celina Gigliotti, Jodi Hurley.

Adams Outdoorsmen for Youth Scholarship: Renee Vittone.

Adams Police Association Scholarships: Joseph Buonemani.

Adams Post #160 Inc., The American Legion Scholarship: Jodi Hurley.

Berkshire Bank Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Berkshire Community College Foundation Scholarship: The Grace Hampel Scholarships: Chandler Chaput, MacKenzie Fletcher, Jordan Mountz, Hannah Rose.

Berkshire County Youth Soccer League Scholarships: Jennifer Gale, Sean Ryan-Kut.

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation: Margery & William Barrett Scholarship Fund: Sean Ryan-Kut. Dana Labbee Scholarship Fund: Hannah Stansfield. Emma Miller Scholarship Fund: Krystyna Cochrane.

Big Y Foods Inc. Scholarship: Taylor Kline.

Michael J. Bresett Memorial Scholarships: Kalyn Alibozek, Jennifer Gale, Megan Rodowicz, Alexandria Rousseau, Richard Sookey, John (Ben) Trimarchi.

Friends of Michael J. Bresett Scholarship: Kalyn Alibozek.

Cheshire Lions Club Scholarships: Jennifer Gale, Celina Gigliotti.

CIAO Berkshire County Soccer Hall of Fame: Alexandria Rousseau.

Forest Park Country Club - The Peter Bassi Memorial Golf Scholarship: Keith Pero.

Margaret Gentile Memorial Scholarship: Krystal Zieba.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Richard M. Kleiner Memorial Scholarships: Krystyna Cochrane, Jennifer Gale.

Daniel Patrick Lennon Memorial Scholarship: Ty Clark.

Daniel Pearl Berkshire Scholarship: Connor Wotkowicz.

Daniel Petithory Class of 1987 Memorial Scholarships: Joseph Buonemani, Jordan Mountz, Sean Ryan-Kut.

Polish National Alliance Scholarship: Renee Vittone.

Red Pine Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Joshua P. Snyder Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Gale, Sabrina Superneau-Gilman.

Robert Urquhart Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Gale, Jodi Hurley.

Francis Walsh Memorial Scholarship: Richard Sookey.

Western Massachusetts Small High School Basketball Tournament - Larry Briggs Memorial Scholarship: Sean Ryan-Kut.

Presidential Academic Excellence Awards: Business: Accounting: Colby Gage. Computer Technology: Independent Study: Ian Hill; Film & Media: Meghan DeLuca. English: British Literature CP: Renee Vittone; British Literature Honors: Hannah Stansfield; British Literature Intensive: Jodi Hurley; Literature & Composition AP: Alicia Johnson. Family & Consumer Science: Child Development: Kayla Racine; Nutrition: Richard Sookey. Foreign Language: Spanish AP: Alicia Johnson. History: Psychology: Richard Sookey; Psychology AP: Emily McWhirt; Women's Studies: Kalyn Alibozek, Connor Chaput. Mathematics: Algebra II: Emily Thurston; Calculus AP: Connor Chaput; Probability & Statistics CP: Krystyna Cochrane; Probability & Statistics Honors: Richard Sookey. Music: Music & Exploring Music: Kelsey Hosley. Physical Education: Choreography: Renee Vittone; Dance: Samantha Warner; Physical Education: Christopher Cardimino, Hannah Stansfield. Science: 21st Century Research: Alyssa Bush, Krystyna Cochrane, Sean Ryan-Kut, John Trimarchi; Anatomy & Physiology: Renee Vittone; Biology AP: Tyler Carpenter; Organic Chemistry: Tyler Carpenter, Sean Ryan-Kut.


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