"How To Cook A Turkey": Berkshire preschoolers and kindergartners talk turkey


Preschoolers at Lenox Preschool Little Explorers and the kindergarten classes at Cheshire Elementary School were asked how they cooked a turkey and what they were grateful for this year. Here is what they had to say:

Lenox Preschool Little Explorers:

We eat turkey and hamburgers on Thanksgiving. And cookies! We get the turkey from Stop and Shop. We get a little Turkey. It is only 30 pounds. We cook the turkey outside on the grill for 2 minutes on low heat. No one cuts it up we just all eat it. My favorite part to eat is the head. It is delicious and taste like gravy. I like to eat the head plain- no gravy, plain. Because it already tastes like gravy. I make the cookies on the grill too - chocolate chip. My favorite part of thanksgiving is eating!

— Cooper, age 4

We eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We get it from a barn in Boston. Nanny and Papa give me gum on Thanksgiving but my mom doesn't! They give me the turkey instead. It is huge! It is 5 pounds! It is a boy turkey like Spiderman. We cook it on the stove for 5 minutes at cold degrees and put it in the fridge so it doesn't get hot. Then you cut the head right off and cook it again for 3 to 5 more minutes. You have to get the blood and poopy out. Then we eat chocolate pancakes.I am grateful for wearing my spider-man costume at school, Miss Kaylee, ice cream, our family feast at preschool, Charlie and Coleman and mom and dad.

— Race, age 3

We get turkey! We celebrate turkeys today! No it doesn't come from the store! Turkeys come from the woods! Dada gets it! He has a turkey call and bring it with him hunting. Anyone can catch the turkey, mama dada, Hadley. Somehow they catch it! You don't put it in the car! We have to walk at home and it gets tired! Once you get it home you put it in the washing machine to get it nice and warm. Then it goes in the dryer. Actually Race has his pretzels in his nose. After the dryer we don't eat it! It's my pet! We don't eat the turkey, we should eat hot dogs instead! I am grateful for my birthday and Christmas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mom and dad, pizza and pasta, and my friend at school Elise.

— JJ, age 3

We eat a lot of things on Thanksgiving but not turkey because JJ does not like to eat turkey. We would eat turkey this year but we can't find any Turkey. Dada has a turkey call and he tries but he can never get one. I have a duck call painted yellow just like a duck! If we caught a duck we'd have it as a pet! My favorite part of having Thanksgiving is having a pet turkey for a little while until dada cooks it.I am grateful for Santa, my dragon birthday, the dragon movie which has not come out yet, mommy and daddy, everyone at school and all my teachers.

— Hadley, JJ's sister, age 4

We eat turkey on Thanksgiving. It comes from the woods. Daddy catches the turkey in a net. When he gets it he puts it in my car seat and brings it at home. At home we put it in the dishwasher to get it clean. We cook it for 5 minutes at 0 degrees. It is 8 pounds. My favorite part of thanksgiving is eating turkey!I am grateful for mom and dad, school, my house, pancakes and grandparents.

— Juliana, age 3

I eat apple pie and turkey on Thanksgiving. It comes from Price Chopper. I buy a big turkey. It is 200 pounds. I cook it in the oven. I cook it for 20 minutes on medium heat which is 9 degrees. Mommy takes it out of the oven and she cuts it up for me and my little sister. My favorite part of the turkey is the outside. And the tongue. My favorite part of thanksgiving is the turkey!I am grateful for cookies, ice cream, cookies and ice cream together, turkey and pie.

— Eliza, age 3

Nana and Papa make it. Maybe they get it at the store. They cook it in the oven for maybe two minutes at three degrees. When they take the turkey out of the oven they put the stuffing in the turkey and put the table together. They put corn in the turkey and cranberry sauce in the turkey. They make mashed potatoes and we eat!I am grateful for coloring with Nana, making pictures with Nana, getting presents, dress up close-up school, dress up fairy clothes.Audrey, age 4 We get turkey from Stop and Shop. It is 100 pounds. We put it in the sink so you can get all the stuff out of it. Noni puts an orange in it. She puts it in the oven for 2 minutes at 100 degrees. Noni takes the orange out of it and put the orange in a bowl. We eat the orange. No need cut up the turkey! We all sit down together to eat!I am grateful for mommy, daddy, snuggles, Gigi and Nana and Kiki and KK playing baby with me.

— Luci, age 5

My mom and dad say that Thanksgiving is my healthy day. They get the turkey from chocolate. Margaret enjoys the chocolate Turkey. Daddy is the one who cooks it!I am thankful for sucking my thumb, colors, peppers, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries.

— Rebecca, age 3

We eat chicken on Thanksgiving. It comes from Turkey. We get it from a pan. Everyone in the whole state cooks it for 84 minutes at super hot 483 degrees. Then when it's done cooking we fry it. Then the whole state cuts it up and everyone who made it eats it. We eat every special food at Thanksgiving. My special food is cheese.I am grateful for cheese, grapes, mac and cheese, tomatoes and milk.

— Asher, age 4

My mother goes out in the woods and catches the turkey and cooks it up into a yummy Turkey! She cooks it on the stove for a long time At high cooking heat for 10 hours. Then we eat it. I like cookies the best! I am grateful for playing with toys, watching movies, going to school and being with my friends, cupcakes and blocks.

— Vera, age 4

We go to the turkey store and pick out a little Turkey. It is one pound. We cook it on the stove top of the stove. Mommy cooks it for 1 minute on medium heat. We eat broccoli with it and chicken. I am grateful for love, Cliff, mommy and daddy, brownie, and being together.

— Cassidy, age 4

We eat pizza on Thanksgiving. Daddy goes into the woods to catch a turkey with a net. We don't have to cook it, we just eat it! The feathers are orange but we eat those. That's why we eat pizza. I am grateful for when Daddy picks me up on his head, going to moms house, Community Center, ballet with Luci, and butterflies.

— Ainsley, age 4

We eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Daddy hunting the woods. He brings his gun and tries to shoot the turkey. We don't have to cook it but we do take all the feathers off. We also eat a lot of strawberry cookies. My favorite part of thanksgiving is playing! I am grateful for the Humane Society, hunting with the daddy and my dog, hearts, libraries, schools, play dates.

— Nila, age 4

We get turkey from the festival. Mommy buys the turkey so we get a big one! It is 6 pound turkey! It goes wobble wobble gobble gobble! We danced with our Turkey, we don't eat it! We eat pasta! My favorite part of thanksgiving is peas! I am grateful for mommy, daddy, peas, turkeys and clementines.

— Elizabeth, age 3

We eat potatoes and ice cream and cupcakes and cake on Thanksgiving. We eat turkey too. When I was three, I ate paper a lot too! I would sneak it off my mommy's desk in her office. But now I don't! The turkey comes from Guido's. It is 100 pound turkey and it cost $3. We bring it home and cook it in the toaster oven for 40 seconds on medium heat. Mom cuts up and then throws the feathers in the garbage. My favorite part of thanksgiving is being with Miss Courtney. Will you please come to my house? I am grateful for mommy, daddy, Curran, Grandpa and Grandma Jan.

— William, age 4

We eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We get it from the turkey coop. We get it from a turkey farmer. The farmer just gives it to us. We bring it home and put a lot of salt and white wine on it before we cook it on the oven. It is like 100 pounds! We cook it for 6 minutes at 600 degrees. Daddy takes it out of the oven and cut up. We eat it with mozzarella and mac and cheese crazy bugs. My favorite part of thanksgiving is the turkey! Bye bye!I am grateful for Wally my black and big fat lab, my brother Jack, sour pickles, wine and beer, and candy even candy corn.

— Kane, age 4

Cheshire Elementary School
Mrs. Robin Poirot's Kindergarten class
My dad and I hunt for our turkey in the woods. Just put it in the oven or on the grill. Ours will be 6 pounds. We put salt on it, stuff it with pillows and put it in the shower. Cook it for 18 minutes at 10 degrees. When the oven beeps it will be done. Then just stab it with two forks and eat it.

— Jakob Trudeau

We are going to Auntie Ashley's house. We will get the turkey from Target. It will weigh about 5 pounds. Put some kind of gravy sauce on top of it and then put it in the oven for 20 minutes for 4 degrees.

— Noah Martin

I am going to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving. Kenzie is having me over. I would get a turkey on a farm. It is so tiny but there is enough for everyone. Did you know my mom turns into turkey into chicken? She puts ketchup and chicken nugget sauce on it. She stirs it up until the alarm goes on. The oven has to be super hot and it has to cook for months.

— Evan Gromko

I am going to my gramma's for Thanksgiving. My dad goes hunting because he is brave. He punches bears and monsters so getting a turkey would be easy. It will be 14 pounds. Mom will cook it with some sausage powder. Cook it for 51 hours at 14 degrees. After it comes out off the oven, we will all blow on it and put turkey powder and then we put white "protectors" on the feet so no one will eat that part. The feet are poison and if they eat them they will get sick and throw up. Put powder that tastes like ketchup so it will be yummy.

— Isabelle Chenail

For Thanksgiving, we will use the turkey that I won at the turkey shoot. I even got a certificate. My turkey was about as big as -from my neck to my knees,- and weighs about 20 pounds. Take it out of the pack. Put on a little salt, a little tomato and a little pepper and then put it in oven for about 6 minutes for as hot as the sun. Take it out and let it cool. Put a little cranberry and duck sauce on it and eat it with broccoli and a little bit of chicken.

— Alena Proper

My dad hurt his leg so he can't hunt right now so we are going to eat the ham that I won at the turkey shoot. When they run out of turkeys, you get a ham. If I did cook a turkey, I would put it on the grill with a little soy sauce. My turkey would be 88 pounds. I would stuff it and cook it for 88 degrees for 88 minutes. I love the number 88 because it is the number of a fast car.

— Hunter Proper

I will go to Babci's for Thanksgiving. She buys it at Walmart. It will probably be about 30 pounds. Put a little pepper, salt and seasoning on it and then stuff it with stuffing made of mashed potatoes and rice. It should cook for 20 minutes at 20 degrees. When it turns brown, take it out, let it cool and put peas on the side. Add a little salt and a little more pepper and eat it.

— Payton Kolis

For Thanksgiving my daddy will hunt for the turkey in the woods in Cheshire. It will be about 100 pounds. Stuff it with cotton candy then cook it put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 60 degrees. Take it out and eat with cheese.

— Ashley Mott

For Thanksgiving we buy our Turkey at Price Chopper. My turkey will weigh about 20 hundred pounds. The four people in my family- me, Dad, Mom and my brother will shove it in the back of the truck and then we will nail down. Cut it into slices and salt it before you cook it. Cook for one hour at 62 degrees. The timer will tell you when it is done. We eat it with potatoes. At my Uncle's, they have an extending fork that can reach other people's plates and you can take some of their food.

— Jackson Gaylord

We are going to Grammy's house. Mom won't be able to eat turkey this year. She will get the turkey at the Turkey Shop. It will be about 5 pounds. She will put sugar on top of it and stuff it with more sugar and put it in the oven for 2 minutes at about 4 degrees until it beeps.

— Mackenzie Biros

I know how to cook a turkey but Aunt Becky is cooking with Uncle Jim. They get their turkey Walmart probably. It will be 20 pounds. Put it in the oven with plastic paper and stuff it with toothpicks. Put some gravy with grease from the turkey on it and cook it for 8 minutes at 30 degrees. When they take it out we eat with a fork. It is delicious!

— Sophia Wilson

We are having Thanksgiving at Papa's house. He might hunt for it or get it at Stop and Shop. He usually gets a six foot tall one that weighs about 7 pounds. Cover it with tin foil and stuff it with chicken cordon bleu, corn and cookies. Cook it for 7 minutes at six degrees.

— Parker Audet

My dad will hunt for the turkey in woods near the pine trees. The turkey will be 9 pounds. After he gets the turkey, my dad will salt and pepper it and cook it in the oven for as long as he wants. He will stuff it with Gogurt. That is yogurt in a pack that you squeeze. We will eat it with love because he made it with love.

— Ricky Rando

On Thanksgiving, I won't have turkey. I will eat purple grapes and huge strawberries. The Pilgrims had turkeys that weighed 2 pounds. When the Pilgrims made turkey, they stuffed with another turkey. They put butter on top to make it taste better. They were hungry from their trip to America.

— Anjali Patel

Mrs. Emerson's Kindergarten class

It is so fun! So, you just put a cookie on the table and then you put some chocolate on it, then you put some candy corn, like 5 pieces and then a peanut butter cup right on the bottom of the cookie and then you know those little black circle candies that are chocolate, that are balls? Then you put them like candy eyes and then they fall off quickly. And then you put just the tip of the candy corn on for the beak. And then you put the red thing on its chin hanging down for the boy. It is like it is sitting on a thrown! And that's how you make a candy turkey. I laughed so hard when I made them! I don't know how to make a real turkey.

— Savannah Warner

My mom gets the turkey from Walmart. It is really big; it weighs 5 pounds. Once it is home, we cook it. We put it on the pan, we don't put anything on it. I watched my mom and she doesn't put anything on it. We put it in the oven at 40 degrees for 5 minutes. Then we take off the skin and put it somewhere. I like ketchup with my turkey because it tastes like chicken.

— Mackenzie Walker

You get the turkey from Price Chopper. The turkey is as big as me! We cook the turkey at my house. We put salt and pepper on the turkey. We put it on a pan and cook it in the oven. The oven is hot, thirty fifty degrees. You cook it for 80 minutes. You know it is done when the timer goes off. After we take it out of the oven, we let it cool off in the oven. Then we eat it with potatoes. I don't know what else we are going to eat with it.

— Colbie Crouse

Mommy buys the turkey from Walmart. My mom always does a lot of the stuff. She puts the turkey on the grill. She makes sure there is no skin on the turkey because they all like it without skin. She cooks it for ten minutes. Then she scrapes the skin off. Then she puts it on the table. Then they all eat it with nothing, no potatoes or anything. I eat it too. We have pies, cupcakes and oreo cupcakes and I almost ate all the oreo cupcakes!

— Damian LeBlanc

The turkey comes from the woods. Daddy gets the turkey out of the woods ~like he got the deer. Then Brittany cooks the turkey in the oven. She puts sweet and sour sauce on it, I love sweet and sour sauce. She cooks it for eight hours at six degrees. Then we eat it with another turkey. The turkey is a real turkey and he sits at the table. It is just Daddy, Brittany, me and the turkey at the table. That's it! We have cheesecake for dessert.

— Emma Zieminski

You get the turkey from a forest, the forest is out in the woods. We shoot the turkey and then we put it in something and then we put it in the truck. Then I bring it to my house. Then I cook it in the oven. I stuff it with homemade stuffing. My grandma makes the stuffing. It's pretty complicated and I can only remember one thing that is in it. Oh wait, I can't remember what that is, not anything at all. We cook it in the oven at 96 degrees for 45 minutes and 65 seconds. We put this little thingy in it and it tells us the temperature or we feel it to see if it is soft. If it is soft its not done cooking but if its' hard it is done. Just like snapping your fingers. Once we know it is done we eat it. Or season it then we eat it. We season it with salt, pepper and seasoning . This is my seasoning: salt, pepper and stuffing. I decorate the turkey with stuffing pictures. I really like stuffing and golash on a second a plate. I am going to carve "Mrs. Emerson" on the turkey, but I don't know how to spell it, would you mind writing it down on a sticky note. I am also going to carve a turkey head on my turkey. For dessert I am going to have more stuffing.

— Stasiu Kozak

You get the turkey from a barn because most turkeys are in a barn. The owner picks the turkey from the barn. The owner cuts it up and then you get it inside a baggie. Then he gives it to my mom and sometimes when my mom is not there my dad gets it. So then you have to cook it. Mom cooks it. Maybe she puts it in the oven or something. I have never seen her do it but I know she does it on Thanksgiving. I think she puts salt or something on it, I don't know. She cooks it in the oven for like 5 minutes or something. Mom makes potatoes and stuff for us to have with it. We stay up and have ice cream and sometimes my mom makes Jello for Thanksgiving.

— Renner Murach

First you buy the turkey from the store at the mall. Then you bring it home. You put salt on it, that's all. You put it in the oven for ten minutes, I think. You cook it at 90 degrees. Then you take it out of the oven. You eat it with forks. You can eat some other foods like steak and chicken, potatoes. We have pie for dessert. Dessert is my favorite part.

— Brandon Witherell

The turkey comes from a farm, a farm where they have horses and turkeys. The farmer takes the turkey gives to a lady and the lady gives it to the kid. The kid is me! I am going to cook the turkey. I am going to put it in a pan. Then put it in the oven. I am going to put it in the oven for 3 seconds. I know it's done when the oven beeps. I put salt on my turkey. I eat the turkey with a fork. We don't have any other food, just the turkey.

— Caleigh Kramer

You put the turkey in the oven and it just turns into a turkey. It turns into a turkey because you cook it. You cook it for a long time, 40 minutes. The oven is hot, like 20 degrees. You know the turkey is done when the oven goes "beep". We have potatoes and sauce, BBQ sauce. We have ice cream and cake, pie. We also have yogurt. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is having friends over.

— Ethan Dubis

Mom gets the turkey from BJs, I think. Then she gives it to Papa and Papa puts it in his freezer, well, Grammie probably does. Mom gets it before she cooks the turkey. She lets it sit and warm up a little because it's really cold. She puts this thermometer thing in it. She puts some stuffing on it, well she puts it in it. Now she puts it in the oven until it beeps. I think it is about 20 minutes. The oven is 100 degrees. Once it beeps we take it out of the oven and let cool down and then we cut it. After we cut it we put it on the dining room table and then we eat it. We eat it with mashed potatoes, but I don't like mashed potatoes. We also have corn and I don't know what else. My cousins, Grammie and Papa and Babci and Dziudzia come for dinner, Uncle Robbie and Aunt Nikki too. My favorite part is eating the turkey, stuffing my face really. We have dessert after the turkey. After we eat dessert, mommy and daddy clean up and we go in the backyard to play.

— Sophia Astorino

After everyone gets to my house, then my family cooks the turkey. They put it in the container. Then it stays pink like forever. Then my family makes it by putting seeds from the pumpkin mash on top of it. You have to put it in the freezer to get it cold. Everyone would like it cold. They put seeds on every food. After they cook it; they eat it. I don't like turkey, turkey is awful for me. After the turkey is done its Christmas. Then everyone leaves and goes home. ~Hayden CoeI put the turkey in my microwave to get it hot. We put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. We have a thing to put in the turkey and it pops up when the turkey is ready. I get the turkey from Walmart. The turkey costs $8 from Walmart. I have eat the turkey when everybody is there. We put little sprinkles on it. The sprinkles are the same color as chicken. I love turkey; our turkey is 20 pounds. The people come to our house at 8:00.

— Summer

First mom goes to Shop Rite to buy the turkey. She puts it in the oven for 8 hours to cook. Then we put white stuff on the turkey. After the white stuff is on, the turkey is ready to eat. We cut the turkey and I eat the turkey head. The turkey tastes really good. We eat the turkey legs too. I like Thanksgiving.~Ella WhitleyFirst Missy goes to the store to buy the turkey. Then the turkey needs to get washed before we can cook it. Next she puts it in the oven for 6 minutes until it is melted. Missy cuts the turkey for everyone. We put sprinkles on the turkey and then we eat it. The turkey tastes yummy!

— Devon


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