Howard Herman: Huge week for football in county

Sunday October 28, 2012

This has been one of the biggest weeks for Berkshire County football in my

What had everybody talking was Wahconah's 20-8 win over Mount Greylock on Friday night. That victory by the Warriors ended Greylock's 33-game winning streak.

Greylock coach Shawn Flaherty and assistants Brian Gill and Paul Barrett deserve a lot of credit for maintaining excellence in Williamstown and getting their players to buy in.

A lengthy winning streak, in any high school sport, is a really hard thing to maintain.

There is the constant changeover in players, and when you add that with a potential change in the birth rate, a coach's potential talent pool could shrink.

That's what makes the Mount Greylock streak all the more impressive.

During the last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Duxbury High School coach Dave Maimaron, whose team had been tied with Greylock for the longest streak in the state. His team needed overtime to beat Hingham on Friday for its 34th straight

Duxbury has a 70-man varsity roster while Greylock's roster consists of 31 names.

"We basically have 22 starters," Maimaron said in a phone interview. "We don't have anyone going both ways. We have some kids who might spot on [offense] or spot on [defense]. We go all one way.

"I'm sure they're not doing that with 31 kids."

Congratulations to Duxbury for extending its streak.

What Mount Greylock did is exponentially more difficult than what Duxbury has done. For that, Flaherty, his staff and all the players who wore red and white for 33 games should be congratulated.


On the same day the Greylock winning streak came to an end, the long losing streak for a state football playoff also ended.

The members of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association voted to institute a statewide playoff structure beginning next year.

It is an idea whose time has more than come.

Admittedly, I was surprised that the vote came down in favor. After much disappointment over the years, why get one's hopes up?

It seemed ridiculous for football to be the only high school varsity sport that did not crown a state champion.

Such an idea had overwhelming support among the high school football coaches I have spoken with over the years.

The current plan may need tweaking over the two years of its provisional use, but it will work.


Which segues into the planned renovation of Weston Field at Williams College.

The $22 million project, which includes an artificial turf field and lights for the Eph football team, is on line to be ready for the 2014

That could mean no more roadies for Berkshire County teams in the football playoffs.

The MIAA requires football playoff games to be played on turf, which is something no school in the county has.

"It's going to enhance what we do here," Williams president Adam Falk said to the Williams Sideline Quarterback Club on Wednesday. "It's going to allow high school teams to use the facilities."

Here, here.


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