HRR takes, doesn't give back

Thursday May 3, 2012

A recent letter to your newspaper ("HRR gets tax fund, dumps BSR," Sunday, April 29) succinctly summarized the behavior of the Housatonic Railroad Company's executives. Their treatment of the Berkshire Scenic Railroad speaks volumes about their true concern for the economy of Berkshires County, its residents and its visitors.

This for-profit company keeps asking for more taxpayer money for building a 19th century-technology passenger line with promises -- all based on an on-line questionnaire with a less than 13 percent response rate -- to bring wealth to the Berkshires. But so far they flood us with trash, not bothering to clean up after themselves at the end of their maintenance work but dumping the debris right alongside their tracks, blighting the surrounding areas and potentially creating safety issues as some of these debris are combustible wooden ties.

Behavior speaks louder than words, and the HRR should be seen for what it is: a private company after the public's money.




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