Hurricane Sandy in a small town

Monday November 5, 2012

Last Sunday, before the storm. Stockbridge sent out a clear and carefully delivered call (I guess you could call it a robocall) by our good selectperson Deb McMenamy advising us on the state of emergency preparations with phone numbers and asking us not to go out unnecessarily.

Monday, during the storm, I reasonably and obediently stayed home and prepared -- searchlight on coffee table, batteries in portable radio, logs next to Franklin stove in kitchen (I could close off kitchen and stay toasty). I made a big pot of coffee for me and the neighbors that I could reheat on top of that stove -- canned Campbell’s soup would provide a hot meal. The power went off twice for five seconds, so I watched the storm on TV and listened to the rain and wind outside.

Tuesday, after the storm. I ran a few errands -- the chatty post office in Stockbridge and the equally chatty Lee Price Chopper and Lee Rite Aid. We all were so blessedly grateful at how minimal it had been and we all fervently agreed about the photo of the dangling crane high up on the 90- story apartment building in NYC. "Who would want to live on the 89th floor?" That night another robocall from the town selectperson -- state of emergency was over, we should report damage that we’d seen. Then Deb said -- "And to get back to normal -- trick or treat will be Wednesday from 5 to 7."




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